PPT from seattle NI training

Here is the power point from the seattle WA NI training that happened today,
I saw some interesting things in there.

Thanks for sharing the information. I found the slide show pretty interesting, especially the possibility for robot to robot wireless communication.

It’s interesting that slide 16 intimates that there will be only four robots competing at a time.

Does anyone know if there’s a hardware limitation that requires that only four robots compete at a time? I can understand that this information may simply be incorrect – and I somewhat hope that it is – as reducing throughput by 33% is exactly counter to the notion of increasing return on investment that people have been talking about so much around here.

As one of the authors of the slide, I can say for certain it was just an oversight. As far as I know, the number of robots on the field isn’t planning on changing.

Awesome. Thank you for the clarification.

There are other mistakes on the FRC Topology chart as well.
Spikes, Solenoids and Compressors are feeding into the analog sidecar, while relays come out of the 9472 :slight_smile:

There’s a better version here, but it also thinks there are 4 robots.

Typos are a normal human condition…

which is why we build robots?