Practice AP exams for Physics and Computer Science (FIRST themed)

The AP exams this year are being given online in May. There are practice exams for AP Computer Science A, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C Mechanics, AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism posted at the top of our project page: – all FIRST themed!
If you want the key, click the form link and a pdf will be sent to you if you promise not to post it online in case instructors want to use it for review.
This year’s exams are open notes/open everything (except other people) so the questions will have discussion parts and code or calculations that require understanding - so searching online for something during your 45 minute limit is a trap, so be careful!


This is awesome! I definitely going to use this for AP Physics 1. However, I can’t seem to find the practice exams. Are the boxes supposed to be the practice exams or am I missing a link?

Boxes are supposed to be in browser pdf viewers that you can download by clicking in the top right hand corner. I added links to a shared Google drive folder so you can click the class name and it should open in your browser.

Awesome! Thanks!

LMAO, got any for AP Calc?


I only teach those 4, so sorry no. I can guess that AP Calc will have 2 problems with medium and hard parts that you will need all 45 minutes to complete plus some sort of written response to explain some relationships. They tried to put some practice problem on - good luck!

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