Practice Facility??

Posted by Steve Prairie at 1/4/2001 5:22 PM EST

Student on team #173, RAGE, from Rockville High School /East Hartford High School and UTRC.

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone rents a building just to practice driving thier robot and holding team meetings?

We rent a warehouse building that has enough space for a field. This has been very usefull to our drivers and coaches. But once we build our robot we build a practice robot before the ship date. This gives our drivers 2 or 3 more weeks of practice. (We disassemble it before we leave for the regionals). Works great for us, anyone else?

Steve Prairie
RAGE 173

Posted by Jon at 1/5/2001 2:20 AM EST

Engineer on team #190, Gompei, from Mass Academy of Math and Science and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Posted by Steve Prairie on 1/4/2001 5:22 PM EST:

Hmm… That’s neat. On my old team, one of our sponsors provided us with that kind of space in our of their plants. The lack of open space on the WPI campus is easily one of our biggest issues and hinders our practice time as we have to reconfigure our shop to get any practice in.

How much does that run you for the season?

Executive Officer
Team 190

Posted by Brian Savitt at 1/5/2001 11:00 AM EST

Student on team #56, Robbe Xtreme, from Bound Brook High School and Ethicon Inc…

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Posted by Steve Prairie on 1/4/2001 5:22 PM EST:


Last year our sponsor Ethicon didn’t have the room any longer for us to build an arena onsite, so we resorted to one of their Day and Die tool warehouses, They opened up more than enough space for us to build a full sized arena, but the only draw back was that our team was split during meetings between Ethicon and TRIAD (which was the building we had our arena in)

However, this year is a different story, after talking with the Ethicon Engineers they were able to clear a space for our FIRST team, so now we are back together in one building for every meeting that the team has, the only problem is that we would have to build a partial arena if the field is as big as it was last year, but after our robot is complete we will make a full size arena at TRIAD and have the meetings there so the drivers can get all the practice they need… While it was nice having a full sized arena, the sacrifice of the team being split up was definetly not a good thing…


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Posted by asher at 1/5/2001 1:22 PM EST

Student on team #31 from jest first.

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Posted by Steve Prairie on 1/4/2001 5:22 PM EST:

HAHAHA that would be a dream, but our team loves our “crack house” as it is affectionally called, its an old lions club building where the lights don’t work half the time and usually without heat. BUT WE LOVE IT!! Our team is always split between two locations we have a little 1/2 of a field at the crack house but do most of our building at an aeronautical shop a few miles down the road. we like haveing our team split because you dont have extra people in the way, only so many people can work on the robot at a time after all. I think its a great set up.