Practice Field and Build Area

I’ve been watching release videos and build videos and i’ve noticed that some teams have buildings that seem to be dedicated solely to FRC. I’ve been wondering how many teams have a building that is dedicated to FRC and if so what size is the building, how much was the practice field, and is it also like a mini warehouse of parts?? :slight_smile: Any response is appreciated!!

Team 2338 operates out of a warehouse owned by our school district. We used to operate out of an empty middle school, which was much bigger than our warehouse, but sadly our space was taken. Our warehouse has 3 cubicles and a machine shop. We had no place for a practice field this year so we built the most important elements and simulated distance. It worked but it would be nice to have space for a full practice field.

Video of our shared workspace on the campus of Edison Tech.

For build we use our high school facilities which probably falls in the 2000+ sq. ft. range for the rooms that are actually used. The practice field facility we use is about 1500 sq. ft. dedicated for FRC (pretty much just enough room for a full sized field). The warehouse it is in is about 3 times that size, but varying amounts of that space is taken up by stuff in storage throughout the year. Sometimes there is a lot of clutter, other times it is completely open, but the only space we can ever count on having access to is the field area.

We are split across 3 rooms in the back of our school. (I am counting the closet space as build space). In total, we have about 800 sq. feet.