Practice Field in San Jose, CA

Hi Everyone,

Team 668 will be setting up a full size practice field in San Jose from tonight (4/6) until (tentatively) Sunday 4/15 to get ready for Houston Champs and we’d like to open it up to other teams in the area. Planned hours for the weekend right now are 10AM-5PM, and I’ll be able to share info on hours for the the upcoming week once the team decides on them.

The practice field is all wood (thanks to 604 for providing one of the switches) with no field border and carpet that is very close to FIRST specs. We have some cubes, but would ask for any teams to bring as many cubes as possible. We don’t plan on running any scrimmages at the moment (when we had the field up earlier in the season, all the teams there just claimed a quadrant and tested within it), but if the interest is there, we may do something impromptu.

If you are interested in practicing, please PM me or comment here.