Practice fields in Wisconsin/Northern Illinois

For the first time in many years we are coming close to actually having that 2nd robot for practicing and drivers training after bagday!! I was wondering if there is any team in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois that wouldn’t mind another visiting team for some pre regional practice and camaraderie; it doesn’t matter whether it be a full or half field. Thanks so much for the consideration and good luck to all this season!!!

If you don’t mind driving up to Oshkosh, when we get our practice facility all set up, you’re more than welcome to come.

1732 and 1675 have visited in the past.

Thanks sir we will be in touch.

That goes for any team that wants to trek it to Oshkosh, WI. PM and we can set something up.

My team attends an event in Oswego, Illinois on the 18th. I can’t really invite you to that as its not my event, but perhaps you could contact someone on here from Gear it Forward #2338. They’re pretty nice, so I don’t think they’d mind a request like this. We usually have around ten teams there.

Team 537 runs a practice scrimmage each year on the Sunday before Stop Build.
Sussex Hamilton High School, Sussex, WI

Since you are in Janesville, I know someone was trying to get a scrimmage together in Madison.

There will be a week 0 scrimmage in the la crosse area and i could get you in contact with the team running it if interested

Just FYI your mentor has been in touch with 2826 a couple times already about coming up. You should be good to go.

1306 Hosts an annual test run at Isthmus engineering featuring a half field (wooden) and usually 3-4 other teams. This is always hosted the Saturday before stop build, so this year February 18. PM me if you’re interested in attending!