Practice Matches Leaks

This year, many highly anticipated robots, are only revealed by their teams in their first event.
The problem is, practice matches day isn’t streamed on Twitch, which means I have to wait another day to see what the robots look like, but… I HAVE NO PATIENCE.

Technically, these robots are already revealed, by being in the event, in the pits, and in the practice matches. But, the only people that can see them are the people that are also in the event. And I, want to see them too.

Therefore, I am asking for leaks. Please, anyone that goes to one of these event where prevalent robots are revealed for the first time, LEAK THEM TO ME. Post here, pictures, or videos of these robots.

For example, in these current events: Midwest Regional, St. Louis Regional, Great Northern Regional, Oklahoma Regional.

More specifically, I’m looking for leaks on team 1619 Up-A-Creek Robotics’ robot, In the Oklahoma Regional. Would be much appreciated. Thanks.


1619s latest insta post suggest a reveal vid will be up tonight.


You sure that they are not streaming practice matches?

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Yeah, but if I can have it now, I want it now. Also different time zones, so I have to wait till tomorrow

I guess most of them don’t have it

Practice matches at midwest start tomorrow

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Ahh rip, thanks

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The first days on regionals is just load in. No practice matches. You aren’t missing much as there is nothing happening.


load in. If the robots are in the pit, hypothetically someone could go snap a pic no?


Sometimes, things take longer than you want. So relax and watch last weeks matches again.


Technically yes…

For starters load in isn’t a time to walk around the pits looking at other teams robots, there’s 3 whole days reserved for that. Also, I don’t intend to start an argument over whether it is ethical or not, but almost everyone taking close up pictures will ask permission before taking the picture and ask for seperate permission to share the image(s) publically if that is the intention.


I thought it was a bit silly at first, but after reading this post I now understand why a certain team concealed their robot under a black cloth during practice day.


What exactly are teams worried about with teams taking picture of their robot on practice day?

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Practice day, and in turn the rest of the event, there shouldnt be any worry past the amount of people asking for photos. The event is public, if you didnt want it shown dont show up to the event.

I think load in day is different though. You should be getting inspected, setting up the pit, fixing last minute issues, etc. Not exactly the time to be bugging teams to get photos.

also find the idea of "asking for permission to publish the photo weird, as, again, the event is public.


Good thinking

Ironically enough this isn’t a post about my team but it is something we implemented for whenever we are not in the pit with the robot.

This is partially to prevent unauthorized pictures (if you ask we wont say no) but also due to the apparent sabatoge many teams experienced at champs last year. We figured somebody could walk by and quickly pull some wires out of robots but a robot under a cover is a little harder to stealthily do that to.

This did not prevent a weird moment on Saturday where when we walked in a few people thought the robot and cart were facing the wrong way, but beyond installing a hunting camera staring at our pit we have done everything we can think of to keep our robot safe when we are not present.


Love 179

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