Practice robots

Some teams make a duplicate robot that they don’t ship to practice with before the regionals. What type of practice robot does your team have?

lol no practice bot for us lol our regional is in 7 days anyway

Nothing. We got a good amount of practice in before shipping though.

Our practice robot is similar to our competition robot but our competition robot is of higher quality as we have learned what needed to be improved by testing the prototype before we built the final robot.

We have a nearly identical drive-train and roller-claw that we can use to practice catching the ball with.

We didn’t build a duplicate elevator. It was too much work, and our first regional is only a week away!

We have two basic practice bots… actually, one isn’t wired yet, and the other one has some, err, rather interesting equipment attached… I don’t think I have a picture, but for the “club fair” at our school last week, we bolted a chair to the top of our robot and drove parents around in it >_>

Ours is just a basic robot for the programmers to mess with. Just a chassis with the hardware and drive train, no arm or anything.

We are using last year’s robot with some small modifications to practice with. We are mostly using it to test the hybrid mode. It would be too much work to make the arm the same. This is the first year we have time to practice, the event that we go to is normally the second week and this year it was moved to the fourth week.Picture of last years robot modified.