Practice T-Shirt cannon robot Treads

We are a new team to the FRC and we are trying to make a t-shirt robot for our school and our idea for the drive train was to have a four tread tank system but we are not sure on how to build it please help
Thanks :slight_smile:

While a tee-shirt cannon is a fun and engaging project for any team to attempt, they usually have a better place in the offseason. I would highly recommend tat you look at the rule book and this video so that you can have a good idea of what your robot is required to compete in this year.

The tshirt bot is for the off season we are just trying to configure the tread system

Right now, I would strongly advise you to do no work on the T-shirt robot. At all. Nothing, zilch, nada. Put it in a bag if you need to.

You have 6 weeks to build a robot for the competition (46 days). You’ve already used one day. This game is going to be one of the most difficult challenges I’ve EVER seen, and I’ve been doing this since the last time bins were used as scoring objects and watching even longer. Any time spent trying to configure an offseason project is time not spent on building a solid robot for the competition.

That being said, I think 4 tank treads is 2 tank treads too many, or maybe even 4 treads too many. Try wheels first, then treads as an upgrade. Treads are not easy.

We have been working on the competition almost constantly and are already building a prototype