Practice your Climbs!

It’s still a bit early in the build season for this, but it’s an important thing to keep in mind and plan time for.

Most years a climb is a single pull-up. It has rarely necessitated that you spend a lot of driver practice on anything other than lining up for the climb. The driver usually just needs to press a button and you’re done.

This year, for the first time since 2013, there will be a lot more driver skill required for many climbs. Certainly some teams will automate the sequence of events that needs to happen to perform the climb, but most teams likely won’t. If you ever want to successfully climb to the Traverse Rung, you’ll need to prioritize practicing the climb, and not leaving it as an afterthought.


This year’s climb will also require more coordination between alliance partners than even Infinite Recharge. If you climb early and in the wrong place, you might prevent your partners from being able to join you.


I’ll add that it is important to practice whatever climb your team is doing from all three alliance station orientations.

…with a possible obscured view that could come from other robots trying to do the same.


I haven’t really looked at anything from the driver stations yet. You can barely see the high rung from there 🥲

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There are also major advantages for being able to go under the low bar, both for alignment and getting out of the way of your alliance partners who might be going for high/traversal. I have a feeling this may surprise some teams when they start on the real field.

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@Connor_H I’m thinking about moving “Practicing how to climb” from Won’t Do to Should Do. Thoughts?


I’m concerned we may be too busy intaking bouncing Cargo to have time for this


It is quite likely that the drive team members at the middle drive station will be leaning forward, further obscuring the view.


I think we may see some Robots that will spend all of the teleoperated time climbing to the High and Traversal rungs.


I think that the time spent on climb, given the nature of the scoring system for this game, will be both required and well worth it. That said, any team that has even the potential for it should be looking at automating their climb. More so than in many previous years, this is a climb ripe for automation. Is it complex and difficult? Yes, absolutely. Is it the thing that will separate the good teams from the average teams? Very likely.


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