Can we do practice with our robots at there? Like practice match or something. If there is, are we supposed to do something to join?

I assume u mean at the San Francisco Regional?
Yes, at every regional there is time to practice.
So that’s Friday 12.00 - 6.30
Here you can find all the info you need.

Thank you. That really helped us.

A word of advice about practice mattes: A young team like yourself will want to get fully inspected as soon as possible. You can attend the matches you are scheduled for without being inspected (which is about three or four matches) but you are allowed to be a filler (you can go into other scheduled matched that other teams do not show up for) if you are fully inspected. For young teams like yourself, it is very helpful to get as much practice as possible to get to know your robot and your drives team. It is also important to get used to the protocols of what is and what isn’t allowed on the field and how to interact with other teams. Try your best to get inspected as quickly as possible. If there is difficulties with your robot do not be afraid to ask for help. There are veteran teams who will be more than willing to help you out to help you get to the field.

That’s one @#@#@#@# great advice thank you :]

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Regarding the Filler Line:

Towards the end of practice matches (last 30 minutes), if you have not yet been on the field, ask a Robot Inspector to take you to the field to connect (jump the line), even if you are not inspected.

It is important that every robot be able to connect prior to the start of Qualifications. During qualifications, they don’t want to waste time getting robots to connect.

At the Northern Virginia District competition we had no practice matches because field setup took too long. The very first time robots were on the field was the first qualifier (and it just so happened to be my team). Even the game audio wasn’t working so we had no audible indication when autonomous ended and teleop began!