Practise Robot Use

We are a fifth year team and for the first time ever we have a 100% functional practise robot.

The robot is nearly identical save for the lack of lightening holes and our gear mechanism is hand made on the practise robot compared to machined on the comp bot.

Since our first district in not until week 4 we have plenty of time to practise and we are wondering how we can use this to our full advantage. Every other year our team has desperately programed our auto and gave the drivers 1 or 2 hours on the last couple days to drive around our gym.

This year however it is different we have a full sized practise field in our shop and would love to get into the small details of the game. How do we train our drivers such that they will be prepared for nearly all situations come our first district?

Practice pulling into the loading station from the different DS positions. Invite your friends to come practice with you. Six robots on the field changes things

We are planning to have our drive team watch live streams and try to reenact situations that they see come up during matches. We don’t have a full size practice field, so we plan on moving desks around in the hallway.

We also want to give our programmers time with the practice robot to get autonomous programs down and working.

best of luck!


If you can’t get other robots, look into getting someone on your team to buy an RC car or similar, then rig some poster board to it for a rough robot frame and drive around it trying not to touch it.
Or put litter some chairs around the field for an obstacle course. Make it so that your drivers can get around things in their path like second nature.

Oh, and make sure your drive coach, pilot, and human player practices with them. The entire drive team needs to work as one fluid unit. Work on match call outs, position call outs, hand signals between coach and human player, etc.

Can the atonmous routines work perfectly on both robots? The pracitise robot is about 135lbs compared to 119 on the comp.

We have the bag out time before the district. We were thinking about doing the auto then

Why on earth is your practice robot 25lbs heavier than FRC maximum?

The weight will change a few factors, speed and depending on the weight distribution, turning, among other things.

My bad it really weighs 135. We wanted a quick turnaround on the practise bot from our sponsor to test the systems. It has a massive lack of lightnening holes

We had the two robots runing together on bag and tag day and they accelerate and turn at about the same rate.

I don’t know where in Canada you’re located, but if you’re relatively close to Michigan, and are able to get to Flint, the FIRST Center at Kettering has a practice field set up, and teams from the area come in to drive with other teams and get a feel for how things work.

The short answer to this is no…But it will help them get close enough that they should be able to fix things with minor edits at competition. We are using feedback as part of our auto, so a pixie cam in connection with encoders. We are hoping that the feedback will correct for any errors in the actual program.