Praise or Bash the Announcement w/ Corsetto FRC1678 and Saanya and Scott FRC2468

Join us at 8:30pm eastern to discuss the big announcement with FRC Team 1678: Citrus Circuits drive coach Mike and Chairman’s finalist FRC 2468 Team Appreciate Saanya and Scot on Roasts and Robots!

Also discussions on awesome tactics to win Chairman’s for 2019 and beyond!

Watch, chat and win at or

Giveaway from Team 1720 The PhyXTGears of an awesome set of BattHawks!


Keeping the options open, I like it.

Here’s to it being a praise.

Awesome turnout last night to discuss the end of Stop Build Day and a huge thanks for Saanya and Scott from FRC2468 for show off their awesome initiatives for Chairman’s and to Mike from FRC1678 for his input and opinions.

Archived YouTube Segments:

No Bag Day Reactions and Discussions
Pro Chairman’s Tips from 2468
XTRA No Bag 2020 Discussions

We also have a poll going on our Facebook Page to vote if you are for or against the change.