I’ll admit it, I can be an idiot. So can anyone else with a little nudge in the right direction. When you go on a trip to Regionals and or Nationals, you are FREE!!! So the temptation to be an idiot or to pull some funny pranks is pretty strong. Now I know that my crew of friends are famous for pulling some stunts, but I need to know how many others out there are enjoying themselves. Hotels make great facilities for these practices, so come on people spill the beans.

Indoor waterballoon fight (thats what they get for banning water balloons in general)

Shaving Cream + Feather Combo During Sleep (that punk senior had to get me)

Duct Taped To a Seat In Bus When Sleeping With Shoe Strings Tied Together ( I sleep too much, huh?)

Peanut Butter In Shampoo + Toothpaste (My attempt to get the senior back, might try Anchovie Paste sometime)

Wrapping towels around my head with several friends after soaking up the water from indoor water fight and taking pictures while looking like retarded terrorists (OK, who slipped something into my drink?)

Buying very interesting sharp “TOYS” from a chinese tourists shop, and using them for minor to major destruction

Using the wall bed as a minor amusement ride, CRASH!!!

Caffeine pills after 5:00 AM Magic tournaments

Rubber band guns, hehehehehehehe, Hotel room mayhem

Root Beer bottles with baby nipples LOOKED FUNNY

One kid dressed in drag and had 10" playground balls in his shirt

Thats all I can think of for now, but please share all fun/idiotic moments, LOL

At the nationals in 2001 we shaved one of our team members :smiley:

Mr. Rage,
Don’t you ever come near me with any sharp objects! That’s pretty amazing though. LOL!

Back in the spring of 1990 (okay so I’m old, so sue me) I had just gotten back to the hotel with my performing group from a concert. It had been an exciting night as we had been the first American musicians to set foot on the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) conservatory stage. The Soviet press had their cameras right up in our faces as we sang. There were some serious security issues that night as word got out and classical music fans and the black marketers started descending upon us like vultures.
A Soviet plainclothes type police unit was there when we arrived at the hotel (I have no idea if they were KGB or not, so don’t ask). We were instructed to go straight to our rooms and not open the door for ANYONE!
I was especially nervous because by a chance, last minute decision by the director, I had become the first American Soprano in history to perform solo at the Leningrad Conservatory that night. I should have been more appreciative, but I felt like I had been made a bigger target.
So there I was nervously pacing my hotel room when there was a knock at the door. I nearly jumped out of my skin.
“Who is it?” I asked tentatively.
“Open door!” ordered a gruff male voice with a thick Russian accent.
“Um, Who is it?” I asked again as I went for the phone to call the operator for help.
“Open door!” came the stern voice again.
“Who is it?” I wasn’t about to open the door for some crazed fan or black market thug.
“Is police, open door!” came the rough reply.
Oh no! I had ticked off a Russian cop! I dropped the phone and raced to door. My hands were shaking so hard, I thought I’d never get it unlocked.
Finally I yanked the door open. But, instead of a burly Russian cop, I find our manager standing out in the hallway with a big stupid grin on his face!
“You idiot!” I yelled.
He pushed his way into my room before anybody heard my outburst and closed the door. I yelled at him some more. He’s lucky I didn’t strangle him!
I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised though. This is the same guy who noticed that a friend of mine had a problem with her clothing one-day. He decided to wait until she had crossed the entire front quad of the High School so that everyone could get an eyeful. Only then, did he stroll over to tell her that her skirt was caught in the back of her pantyhose.
He’s lucky to be alive.

one of ours decided to

a. throw the remote control at the wall causing it to make hole in hotel room. patched up the hole with some makeshift spackle :wink:

b. the same person got a group of 5 other of our team members and decided to have a baby powder fight in front of and in their assigned hotel rooms…

cool hair do

*Originally posted by Team522 Captain *
**one of ours decided to

a. throw the remote control at the wall causing it to make hole in hotel room. patched up the hole with some makeshift spackle :wink:

b. the same person got a group of 5 other of our team members and decided to have a baby powder fight in front of and in their assigned hotel rooms…

cool hair do **

What exactly was used in the make-shift spackle?

*Originally posted by TravisCarpenter *
**We actually busted into our room and handcuffed a teammate with 5 pairs of handcuffs. Wrists together, ankles together, ankles to wrists, and then each ankle to the light fixture on the wall. I have a pic of it, but dont get any ideas. Nothing kinky was going on in this room, just alot of caffenated teenagers playing pranks on teammembers:D **

Sure, nothing was going on in that room, but what was the reason for your team to have 5 pairs of handcuffs

I can never compare to cafinated teens at 5 am…

We went to that arcade too… some defective machine just kept spitting out tickets without us even using any money. We decided we wanted 20 army men and 32 tops with our 72 tickets. The people working at the little prize booth were thrilled about that one.

Not so much as pranks…but stuff that happened at regionals/nationals in prior years.

I believe it was my first year when one of the guys SCALED THE HOTEL! Uhg…what are they called…they’ve got the three hooks and you can hang from rooftops with them. Well whatever they were, he had one…and…well…made use of it :slight_smile:

The same year, we badly trashed our hotel room. We stacked everything in the corner of the room. Then me and one of my roomies pressed down on the mattress on the very top while the third guy hoisted the TV into the small space left :slight_smile: Maids, have fun!

Lesser things are microwaving everything in site. Soap, towels…whatever.

We had icefights outside the AllStar resorts. Ice + cement = immense slippage :stuck_out_tongue:

In regionals, I think someone duct-taped a bible to the outside of their window.

Uhh…the windows didn’t open all the way when we checked in. They did when we checked out :stuck_out_tongue:

Stuff was duct taped. `nuff said.

That’s all I can really remember.

Oh yeah…I ended up with a whole bunch of towels/napkins and other stuff from the hotel at regionals. :smiley:

Back in the long ago days when I was active as a prankster, we had sort of a “Code of Honor” regarding what was acceptable and what was not. What disturbs me is that many of the above mentioned pranks do not seem to fit.

These were for people living in Dorms. If you pissed off your neighbor, you still had to live with them for the rest of the year, and there was plenty of opportunity for revenge. If the prankster violated these rules blatantly enough, they might even get the help of local authorities in effecting revenge. (ie somebody might be able to obtain a pass key to your room) So it was much to your advantage to follow them.

Here’s the “rules” as I remember them:

Rule 1: Thou shall never pull a prank on you roomate. (if you violate this one, you are stupid enough to DESERVE whatever happens next)

Rule 2: Thy prank shall be directed only at the target and not involve roomates or neighbors, unless they are also part of the target population.

Rule 3: Thou shall take care in the selection of targets. Do not target those who are picked on or struggling anyway, or thou mayest “push them over the edge” to your and their everlasting regret.

Rule 4: Thou shalt DO NO DAMAGE to property (ie buildings or vehicles) that thou does not hold title to. This includes the property of thy target.

Rule 5: If Rule 4 should be broken unintentionally, thou shalt do what it takes to restore the property to it’s original condition. (ie pay for repairs, or make them thyself in a workmanlike manner)

Rule 6: Thy victim shalt always have at least one avenue of escape in case of fire or other unexpected calamity. (note: it doesn’t have to be easy or usual, just possible. If you lock somebody in a room, make sure they have a window to get out through)

Rule 7: Thou shall not take any action that may be regarded by the police as a crime. ( assault of any kind is not a “prank”)

Rule 8: If the mess thou hast made takes an inordinate amount of time to clean up, (more than an hour or two) thou shalt assist the victim. This will restore peace and harmony to thy living quarters. (Note: If you’re clever, you can assist in the clean-up and comiserate without letting on that you were the perpitrator, at least not until much later, when a confession might be useful. Just having SOMEBODY help will improve the victim’s mood, and they will enjoy the joke sooner)

Rule 9: Thou shall perpitrate no pranks during Finals week, at least not until AFTER the victim’s last final. Nor shall thy prank disturb others who have not yet finished their ordeal.

Rule 10: Those who are paid to serve thee (janitors, cafeteria workers, maintenance staff, etc.) are not valid targets.

It was definitely more of a challenge to stay within the rules which, by the way, were included in a semi-official publication from the university. Pranks will happen in such a setting, this was an attempt to keep it clean harmless and funny by putting people on their honor. Mostly it worked. Some of the pranks were practically art, and stayed within the rules to boot!


PS if anyone’s interested I could give examples;)

ChrisH is right guys. The pranks can be much more fulfilling when the creativity is challenged by a set of boundaries.

We had similar rules for pranks in the theater. I could give examples of those as well sometime.

I’d like to see the ones from ChrisH!

*Originally posted by Miss Tree *

We had similar rules for pranks in the theater. I could give examples of those as well sometime.

I’d like to see the ones from ChrisH!

Since somebody was foolish enough to ask :slight_smile:

During college I lived in the dorms. Our dorms were co-ed. The rooms were arrainged in “suites” of 4-5 rooms that shared bathrooms. In general, guys would be in one suite and gals in another and there were 5 or 6 suites per dorm.

One day a couple of the girls managed to get hold of the pass key that opened all of the rooms in the dorm. They used it to get into the rooms in my suite and stole all of the clean underwear from our drawers. They then soaked it and put it in the freezer compartment of the dorm refrigerator. It was rather stiff before we found it.

That was a pretty artful trick, but it required revenge. It took a couple of weeks to set it up, which probably made it all the more effective.

The apparent ringleader of this little plot had a job that required her to be at work at the ungodly hour of 6:30am on Sunday mornings. This was perfect for us as it greatly narrowed the possibility of colateral damage. It was also Halloween weekend at which time the dorm was putting on it’s annual “haunted house” which was particularly gory that year. This ensured that most people would be asleep longer than usual.

Sometime during Saturday night one of the guys went up and quietly removed the shower head in the girl’s bathroom. This was then stuffed with gelatin capsules, the capsules had been previously filled with red dye. The shower head was replaced and the trap was set.

The young lady got up in the wee hours and started the water for her shower, but it was not until the water was warm and she was actually in the shower, that the capsules melted and released the dye. It then looked like streams of blood were coming out of the shower.

She freaked, loudly.

We had been considerate enough to test the dye beforehand to make sure it wouldn’t stain her hair or anything else. That was one of the things that took some time. Even better, by the time her scream-awakend suitemates got there all of the evidence it happened was down the drain. But there was no question in her mind who did it, or why.

Strangely, that was the end of pranks in the dorm that year and the young lady began using a shower further down the hall, or so she claimed.

Your turn,


BTW was that examples of rules, or pranks MissTree? as a former thespian I’d be interested in both.

Two years ago one of our engineers was drinking a little and decided to try a little karioke. I don’t know whether he had drunk to much or he was just a horrible singer, but his rendition of Back in the USSR was rather hilarious.

Okay Chris here’s mine,

Our set of prankster guidelines, were almost exactly the same, but unwritten. However, if you strayed beyond the limits you would be quietly ostracized by the rest of the company.
Usually our little jokes centered around testing fellow actor’s abilities to stay in character when unusual things happened during a dress rehearsal or performance.
For example there is a scene in an opera called “Amahl and the Night Visitors” where local shepherds and villagers come out to greet the three kings who are on their way to see the Christ Child. They bring gifts with them and lay them before the kings to be taken to the child as well. After the first few performances, some peculiar items started making their way into some of the baskets of plastic fruits and nuts. It started with some odd bits of candy, a few plastic baby toys, some travel sized personal hygiene products (mouthwash, soap, toothpaste) for the kings, and I think finally we put in a full meal from Wendy’s toward the end of the show’s run. The baritone whom we were trying to get to crack up onstage did amazingly well. He really liked it. The lead tenor didn’t appreciate it though. But that’s just the way most tenors are. They’re kind of an anal bunch (I hope that’s an okay word to use here).

I think my father pulled much better ones though. During the play “South Pacific” there is a scene in which one of the commanding officers says something like, “I know I’m not very well liked around here.”
Every time the actor said this line during rehearsal, something would happen to him. One night someone jumped up on the stage and gave him a pie in the face. The next night, a bucket of water was dumped on him. The third night, a hangman’s noose dropped down out of the grid right in front of him. He was a total basket case by the time the play started.

Anyway those are the kinds of things that would happen, especially when anyone from my family was involved (don’t get me started on the things my family did to each other).

About the spackle

i believe white paint / toothpast was used with like dirt or sand. we kinda have a nut as a team member who will do some crazy things. such as making his own type of spackle/compound to patch a hole in the wall. ill get back to u on the exact ingredients

*Originally posted by Team522 Captain *
**About the spackle

i believe white paint / toothpast was used with like dirt or sand. we kinda have a nut as a team member who will do some crazy things. such as making his own type of spackle/compound to patch a hole in the wall. ill get back to u on the exact ingredients **

That would be nice if you could. It might possibly be handy information for the book.

The exact ingredients was just toothpaste. Got this from a team member bunking with our so called nut of a team member. It was completely funny when he through the remote. The reason behind it though was stupid. No good programs on = through remote. never could figure that one out. The hole left behind by the remote was patched using toothpaste. the coaches never found out till they came back from FL. the student was suspended for his actions but is currently back on the team.

We have placed him in a straight jacket where he can’t harm a thing :slight_smile:

Toothpaste is a most excellent need my deposit back dorm and apartment spackle. Paintable after a half hour or so, too.

hehe the best part about toothpaste not only does it have a somewhat quick drying to it. but you never run out b/c its a basic necessity where ever you go. :smiley:

Just a little Homecoming prank done by a few seniors on another senior :smiley: