prayers and support from team 1345

It saddens me to say that a member of our very own, Team 1345- The Platinum Dragons, is very ill. Arefin Bari has been stuck upon by a serious health condition which may disrupt the contribution he makes to the team and the FIRST community.
It is very hard to summarize Arefin’s contribution to FIRST in a few sentences but he is always trying to push others to their maximum potential and strives to be the best while still upholding integrity and gracious professionalism. Arefin continues to inspire many other young minds from a day to day basis.
He will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow (the 25th) in order to receive a test which may decide his future presence in FIRST. I believe the least we can do for Arefin is to send him our prayers and support while he is struggling through the roughest part of his life. Who knows, he might not have a temper for once…lol

                                                Thank You, Aakash Gihwala (Team 1345)

Arefin, we’ll miss you while you’re gone, and welcome you greatly when you return. Our wishes and prayers and support go out to you from me personally and from all of team 375.

Arefin is the Rox0rz. Keep it up man, we’re all behind you.

Arefin, it is sad to hear this. We all hope that everything goes well.

Your contributions to the FIRST community are endless, and we all wish that your contributions continue in the future. I as well as all our team members wish Arefin Bari the best of luck. We will pray for you tomorrow at our meeting.
Good Luck!

Arefin, you have done a lot here for FIRST and ChiefDelphi, providing answers to people like me who need help. I hope for the best and that you may regain full strength.

Thinking of you, Arefin, and also of the team.

Fin. From the first time you shared this news with me a few weeks back I have been both speechless about what you are going through, and also concerned as well even though I may not have been able to chat with you as much as I can lately.

I may not have all the answers for you buddy, but by taking this huge personal step tomorrow I hope it will lead to the answers you seek and then a speedy recovery.

We will all be waiting to hear from you, and thinking about you in your time of need.

Keep in touch!
Hopsital better have wi-fi darn it!
Right? :smiley:
if not, we are only a phone call or text message away buddy!

Elgin Clock and all your friends on 237.

Get well soon kiddo! :slight_smile:

Best wishes on a speedy recovery, and hope to see you back in action shortly!

Fin, your awesome, were all here for you man

We’re all here for you Fin. You can get through this. I have faith in you. If you ever need to talk you know where I am…

I really hope you feel better soon Arefin. You have been such a great friend. Hope that everything becomes well and that you are able to come back and talk to us all soon enough.


fin!!! get well man!!

Arefin, I wish you a speedy recovery. Arefin is the first person that I met from the CD forums and has offer great advice to me and the FIRST community.

Get well Arefin.

Like Laura said, we are all here for you.


Get better, buddy. My thoughts and prayers are for your speedy and healthy recovery.

Andy Baker

Fin, I hope you feel better man. Thanks for all the advice and everything. Have a speedy recovery and remember, YOU’RE THE MAN!


Hope everything works out and you get better soon. I hope to see you back in FIRST soon.


I really would hate to see such a positive individual go like this… my thoughts are with him. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


I hope you bounce back and return to us soon, I have been very much impressed with your exacting attention to the cool mechanical things out there in FIRST ! Best regards!!! Get Well !!!


Hey Arifin:

I’m so glad you are getting this taken care of. Be Brave We will pray for strength and comfort.

Let us know if you need us

Wendymom and all of Team 1902