Prayers for Bree (BitterSweet294)

A member on our team just got hit by a car. A car ran over a cat and she ran out to get it. While she was bent over a car came and didn’t see her tending to the cat. It was a big scare for us all. Please pray with us that she is alright. Thank you.

-Team 294

Sorry to hear that. My prayers go out to Bree and your team. Please keep us updated and if there’s anything I or my team can do don’t be afraid to ask.


Bree was terrified, as were her teammates. Nothing broken, she was sobbing with pain and fear at length, then talking. Paramedics said she’s fine, but it’s like she was pummelled by football players. She’s at emergency now just in case.

Wow thats terrible. Ill pray to allah.

I’m terribly sorry to hear that. I’m glad it wasn’t worse but oh, how frightening.

It sounds like she will be okay, which I’m glad to hear, but it’s good that she is getting checked out. One of our teammates was hospitalized last Sunday for a problem with her diabetes. She just got out of the hospital today and stopped by the meeting for a little bit and I was so glad to see her! I couldn’t stand it if something happened to one of my bratlings…

I think the rest of your teammates should wait on Bree hand and foot for the next week or so… oh, and I’m afraid to ask, but I hope the kitty was okay too :frowning:



The cat was dead when Bree found it.

i will be praying for her tonight… i did not know her but i ususally dont know the people i pray for because the point of all of this is to bring the community together and because no one desrsves to be left out, hurt, or alone, espiaclly in a time of need…

I have never known Bree but I am very sorry to hear what happened. I wish her all the best and hope she gets better soon.


Well… Just lettin you know that i am ok. I got bumped on the behind and thrown about 12 feet… lotsa rolling…lol. but except for a few bruises and scrapes, the doctors say i should be fine… and that tomorrow i’mma feel like i got the $#!^ beat outta me. :rolleyes: lol. not lookin forward to that… but i’m in a good mood, laughin at the whole thing, and i just wanted to thank you all for your prayers.

I’m sorry about the cat but I’m glad you will be alright. I hope tomorrow isn’t too bad for you.


Same here, since I know who you are because I have met you before. You have no idea how glad I am that you will be alright. The title scared me out of my desk chair.

I’m so glad you’re alright!! When I saw the title of this post, my heart jumped up to my throat … glad to hear you’re ok!!!

Heal quickly!! hug :slight_smile:

OMG I am so glad that you are alright!!! My brother told me about this and I felt so bad for you. Get better soon ok!!!

Love Sean’s lil sis,
Courtney 330

Stay strong, recover quickly, see you in Arizona :slight_smile:

On a side note, congratulations for having the best avatar on Chiefdelphi ever :]

It’s good to hear you’re okay… I’m telling you, make your teammates pamper you for at least a few days… pamper as in spoil, not as in Luv’s diapers, that is. And don’t go throwing yourself in front of cars anymore…

Heh, keep up on this road, and maybe one day you’ll have as many stories as I do about injuries sustained while rescuing or trying to rescue animals.


never, ever reach into a tangle of snarling cats

I am glad to hear you are ok and I hope your feeling better very soon.

ouch! Man does that suck, but its good to see you are alright. Hang in there.


:eek: Bree u had to kno someone would post about it coughMARYcough

Anyways , good to here your ok.

feel better :cool:

I’m glad to hear you’re alright and hope you heal soon.

Hi Courtney! How’s ur bro doing?

Oh and Bree, don’t go looking at our website :X