Pre-2020 Spring Special CADathon Poll

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to a overwhelming number of requests to have an early spring CADathon, we have decided to run a Special Edition of CADathon. This poll is to determine when the most optimal dates would be for the 2020 Spring Special CADathon, as well as to receive feedback in regards to the CADathon in general.

We are also introducing some special rule changes for the 2020 Spring Special CADathon:

  1. The CADathon duration will be increased from 3 days to 1 week.
  2. There will be no limit to CADathon team size IF everyone on the CADathon team is a member of the same FIRST (FRC etc.) team.
  3. For CADathon teams with members of different FIRST teams, we will keep the usual rule of “up to 3 members” (this is to prevent the 10 best CADathon participants from 10 different teams from teaming up and making the competition unfair).

These are the most feasible dates for the 2020 Spring Special CADathon (in the poll, please select all dates that you and/or your team are able to compete in):

  1. Sunday, April 5 - Sunday, April 12
  2. Sunday, April 12 - Sunday, April 19
  3. Sunday, April 19 - Sunday, April 26
  4. Sunday, April 26 - Sunday, May 3
  5. none :frowning:

The poll can be found here (it will close at 8pm EST on Saturday, April 4th):


Hey @dirtbikerxz , what are the results of the poll?


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