Pre-Championship Musings from JVN 2011

As the Robowranglers stop iterating, wrap up our work and pack up for STL I wrote a few thoughts down about the 2011 season so far and how I think the Championship will go.

  • The name of the game is “consistency of execution”.
  • This year’s World Champion will be decided by “little things done well.”

For my full ramblings, check out my post here:

Good Luck to all teams as you celebrate the end of your 2011 journey! We’ll see you on the field.


Awesome post. So well said. I can’t wait for Championship!

I second that motion! I’ve passed the link along to my entire team and encouraged them to read and think about it.

And I’ll be sure to be stoping by the 148 pit to take a look at some of the improvements (with my camera).

I agree. What a nice way to reward your students by name in your post. Good Luck!

Execution! I suspect that John is one of the expert contributors to Looking Forward.

I’m not one – but I did begin the build season by telling my rookies that this game would be all about execution. I AM looking forward to watching some artful defense in St. Louis. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more John.

A note on your team from an outsider’s perspective- It is clearly evident that the RoboWranglers put in a ridiculous amount of effort each season. Whenever we get to a point where we feel a system is functioning adequately, I always wonder to myself if the Wranglers would be satisfied with the systems performance…the answer is almost always no.

Good luck down in St. Louis and be sure to check out our minibots running on team 88’s robot with you guys in Newton!


John, what you wrote is great and I agree. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Yep, very scary - and the biggest reason (among many others) that I am just not a fan of this years’ minibot challenge.

Ditto. I think this is the year championship is won by the finalists getting red carded. Some one will try jump the gun on deployment and that be how it is decided.

It may be mili seconds and faster than the eye can see but it looks to me that the top teams use timer deployed minibots and are deploying before go. The only way one can truly see it is by slow motion replay on a high speed camera.

Go 148!!! You guys are my pick for champs

Even then, it all starts with when you push that button and how fast your minibot get out on the pole.

I really wish it was a set bonus.

I think it’s sort of sad that an adult team member recognizing high school students by name is considered somehow unusual and worthy of praise.

Flame me as you will.

I’m very confused by Al’s comment, and by yours.
I frequently recognize our remarkable students in a variety ways, including on my blog.

Not sure what you guys are getting at.


i think he was going for that not many mentors that he knows will give credit to the students for their ideas, successes, and efforts even in a shop environment. you are however breaking that mold by doing so publicly.

by the way great post. like how you use driven in there. can’t wait to compete preferably with you (as in you and your team) but also i guess against would be ok.

Our minibot was deployed by the CRIO using software. We set our start time at exactly 1:50. Our drive team held down the fire button during end game and the crio would release the minibot at the exact time.

To be honest I don’t think I would have even been a mentor if it wasn’t for this blog… One day the Yooper Troopers will be on 148’s level just by learning how the pros do it. John just change the blogs title to mentoring for dummies.