Pre-Championship Team Update 8 Online!

what an interesting update…but i think its a good interesting though…im happy to see that the entanglement rules are not going to change…i am happy o see that although FIRST recognizes they made miistakes this year and are going to correct them in the future…its cool to know that they understand that they cant change things for Nat’s.

i am dissapointed though that their is to be no mosh pits at the team party…lol…just kidding…

Good Update and Good Luck to all :smiley:

Did I read correctly that the divisions will be separated in the pit as well? I have very mixed feelings about this…

Wow…looks like FIRST is really cracking down on the safety glasses rule…

Return of the “safety-glasses nazis”

this is actually a good thing…it keeps the pits relatvely clear so that people can breathe…I think this rule is important…and like all the rules should be enforced

That rotation schedule looks pretty cool. I like the fact that Archimedes will be on the main field first thing on Saturday. I don’t think the break up of divisions is a big deal… we’re still in number order, its just that the teams are bunched together. Now we see why FIRST broke the divisions in groups of numbers… your location in the tent.

can someone cop and paste the updat and then post it because i am hacving problems with acrobat reader and cant get to it

The 2002 FIRST Robotics Competition
Date: April 18, 2002
Please remember to bring sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and appropriate warm weather clothing to the
event. While you are there, be sure to drink plenty of liquids so as not to become dehydrated.
During the Elimination matches, teams that did not play in the 1 st match of each best 2 of 3 series must
play in the 2 nd round of the series.

  • Tethered mini robots that are deployed directly under a goal will not be allowed and a
    disqualification could result. If part of a robot is accidentally driven or deployed only slightly
    under a goal, the referees will give the team a warning on the 1 st occurrence. Repeated
    occurrences will result in DQ. If another team pushes a goal over a tether after it is deployed, no
    penalty will occur.
    Tether not allowed
  • All tethers should be somewhat rigid and not have any wire sticking out that could become
    entangled. String, fishing line, and rope are not allowed as tethers. Some of the tethers that have
    been used and allowed really did not meet the spirit of the rules (wire that was not protected by a
    somewhat rigid covering, rigid projections where a wire was not encased in the projection but
    was actually on the outside, etc.). FIRST is likely to allow such devices at EPCOT (because we
    already have at Regionals) but the first entanglement or safety issue with such a device will mean
    a DQ in that match and use of the device for the rest of the competition will be disallowed.
  • Tape measures have been allowed for use as tethers at Regionals, but be aware that the only tape
    measures that are allowed are those sold by Small Parts in the last year: two different brands,
    both 25ft, one 3/4" wide and the other 1" wide. Inspectors will be looking at these closely.
    In order not to prematurely end winning teams’ ability to score Qualifying Points, disqualifications will
    typically be called after a match has ended unless there is a safety hazard or ongoing malicious damage.
    Disabling violations will be called immediately, BUT referees will consider positions of robots so as not
    to pin the opposing alliance by the disablement.
    Carpet damage has run the range from very little damage to horrific damage at some events after practice
    day. Be aware, your wheels, treads, etc. will be carefully scrutinized for potential carpet damage.
    Drivers will be warned about wheels causing damage to the carpet during a match. Robots that continue
    to damage the carpet after being warned can be disabled or DQ’d.

May sound like a complaint and maybe I misread the update but doesnt it seem like teams in Einstein will get more time on the big open field then other teams? If I read this correctly does anyone agree with me that that may be unfair or if I’m wrong just disregard all of this.

Yeah, i suppose that is true. They will get a slight advantage, b/c they will play their divisional elimination matches on the Einstein field. Maybe, they’re at a slight disadvantage b/c they have to be out in the sun longer.
It’s times like these when we have to ask ourselves, does it really matter?

i dont think that the field is going to make a difference. A field is a field is a field…and if you are going to win it not going to be because of the field you ran on…division yes…field no

Yes we will be outside longer (more time to burn since I don’t really tan), and no it’s not an advantage. I don’t see how it could be. The fields are all the same (no problems like last year with the different bridges) so I don’t see anything that should help us.

I was actually disappointed when I found out we are in Einstein. When I heard that all 3 indoor stages are in the same tent I immediately thought about how crazy that tent will be on Saturday afternoon and I knew that’s where I wanted to be. It will be a mad house with 3 elims going on at once.