Pre-Champs FRC Top 25 | Division Preview Show | Week 7 Recap (YT) | FUN Champs Meetup

The Pre-Champs FRC Top 25 is now open through Monday 5pm eastern at Teams must be qualified (it’s okay if they declined) for champs to be voted for. Feel free to post teams you think should make the Pre-Champs FRC Top 25 or any data!

Show schedule for this week live at Twitch Archived at

Monday 8pm eastern: Week 7 FRC Recap - This is a special 1 hour show covering the 4 DCMP’s from Week 7.

Tuesday: 7:30pm eastern Championship Division Preview show: We will do in alphabetical order. 9pm eastern: FRC Top 25

We have a bunch of Behind the Bumpers and glass videos from MSC coming soon including many division winners. Don’t forget to check some other Michigan teams we already have out including FRC 27!

Also we are having a meetup on Friday 11am at championships. More info at


FRC Top 25 submissions are due by 5 pm eastern. Over 400 submissions have been received

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FUN Top 25 is fun. I submitted a list of 15 teams based on what I personally witnessed, and ignoring a large amount of available online data. Also considered my Michigan bias, and a fairly long history of preferring certain teams I have worked with in the past. My own team is not on my list, although I do think they have the potential to be a factor in one of the CMP Divisions. (No idea which one yet, since as of this post they are still in the None Division.)

Can’t wait for the None division pre-view! Is stacked. Will there be a preview of the Couch division too this year? Or are you skipping them because they’d steal the spotlight from everyone else? Either way can’t wait for the show.

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Tyler has preemptively moved all None Division teams to the Couch Division.


I am not worthy to play with such amazing teams as teh nut-rons and teh chezy puffs. Can’t wait to see them in the couch division!


FRC Top 25 submissions are closed with 488 submissions. With only 1 champs I am glad we are showing the top 50 (26-50 will be shown prior to top 5).


FRC Recap for Week 7 DCMP’s is about to start. This will be an hour long show. . Will be up on YouTube tonight at

We also have a giveaway from REV Robotics with a chance to win if you watch live!

Indiana DCMP
New England DCMP
Ontario DCMP
Michigan State Championship FUN Hosts recap the 4 District Championships for Week 7 of Rapid React. Time code chapters for each event on the video description.


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Wise choice of shirt to wear! As always, great fun to watch. (Even if I only watched the FiM commentary lol)

Let’s talk Championship division previews and predictions! Starting at 7:30pm eastern we’ll go through each division in alphabetical order and correspondents will give their locks, contenders and dark horse picks! Lot’s of debate for sure!

9:00pm eastern FRC Top 25 pre-champs! Who made the final FRC Top 25 and were top 50 honorable mentions? Find out along with clips of the week!

Live Twitch Archived

Giveaways tonight from AndyMark, The Thrifty bot and VEXpro!


Division previews are about to start! Join us at

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FRC Top 25 starting!

Clips of the Week (7) is now on YouTube:



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