Pre Game ritual

Hey I was wondering if any team had a pre game ritual or chant they did before each match. Like a sports team or something. On Miss Daisy we all get in huddle and I get in the middle then we start to sway ( we stole this from the basketball team lol) and then I start asking what time is in and everyone replys Game time, this goes on untill i cant talk usually and then everyone goes wild. I was wondering if anyone else had a pre game ritual because stuff like that is so cool and works to get your team pumped.

Well when I was on HOT it was actually a post match chant and we did a “Who’s HOT” “We’re HOT” cheer for every match that we had won that day or regional, depending.

On 1504, well, I was just happy that we made it on the field for some of our matches lol

1293’s usually involves some hollering and waving of arms to get the team to queue. :wink:

Oh, and we make sure our rubber bands are in place. (Our arm was held up by it, then the team number would spring forward somewhat, knocking it down and moving the rubber band out of the way.)

This year when they announced our team on the field we did the “fire” dance our team mascot made up this year.

“What’s said in the huddle, stays in the huddle…”


well on S.P.A.M. it’s always the cheers and all…

this year we started our check list idea… so we wouldn’t forget to do stuff… the pit check then stage check…

Well, let’s see…usually we (drivers, me, and HP) just lean on opposite sides of the robot in the queueing area and have a sort of pre-match pep talk type thing.

Or…we just listen to James going (high-pitched voice) “What time is it? It’s peanut butter jelly time!” :cool:

PREgame, I gave my hat to the base driver.
when they announced our team, i ripped off the breakaways i wore :ahh: :smiley: :smiley: (and tossed them to the coach)

Once the match preceding ours is over we put our hats on.
We do a chant with hands in the middle of “SAFETY GLASSES SAVE LIVES!”
I go do a couple obsessive compulsive things with the controls… just because if I don’t we will lose… horribly :stuck_out_tongue:
During auto-mode the coach and operator and I pound fists.

In that order that is pre-match for the Tigertron Drive team.

I really want to start doing a chant of:

Some times we chant 10-0-2, 10-0-2. or Cir-cuit-run-ners. We also sotle a chant from our Bball team. One or two people yell out GAME TIME, then the rest of the people yell our GAME TIME. This can go on for a very long time.

“What’s said in the huddle, stays in the huddle…”

that is such a sweet powerful statement, like from an inspirational sports movie!

we had our coach lick the robot before each match, it was good luck. He missed it once, and we lost… so we made sure he did it each time then.

Everyone on our team just clasps their hands over their head and yells “OOOOOOOOOO!”. It makes sense really, when you have at least 5 0’s in your name, you might as well let everyone else know your pride :wink:

The Technokats this year had a beloved non-actual soul in our robot. His name you might ask? EL JORGE!!! So, heres a crash course on how to properly do the pre-match 45 chant. “1…2…3 ELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGE!!!” During eliminations we tried to get our alliances involved. And as always, EL JORGE WANTS YOU!

Check this thread out, it has some cheers in it.

You mean this thread, as opposed to the single thread starting post? :smiley:

“winning is an outcome”

At the capital clash, we did:
“birds on three, 'birds on three 1, 2,3, 'BIRDS!”
I think I suprised my team with how loud I could scream…


We’ve got a couple of traditions on Team 1114. The first is the “Ric Flair” chant. It’s something that I’ve always done, that’s caught on with the entire team. After I’m finished giving some sort of speech, I’ll yell out “and in the words of Ric Flair…” and the rest of the team and myself respond “wooooooooooo”. This past season it was led by Derek or myself before every match.

The other tradition which is only really done when I’m field coaching is my bird impersonations. It’s one of those wonderful things that you really need to witness to understand, but they’re quite accurate impersonations… Kacaw… :wink: