Pre-Game set up

This is one part of the game that really confused me in how the pre-game set up would work out, and I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas about it or saw anything in the rules regarding it.

How do teams go about setting up robots?

Since there can be a goalie in autonomous to block shots, I can easily see a team with a goalie bot (bot 1) and a team with a great shooter (bot 2) setting up. Bot 2 is placed down. Bot 1 is placed in front of it. Bot 2 is moved. Bot 1 is moved. And so on and so forth. Will goalies need to be placed after the others? Before?

I did find in the rules a penalty for “Being indecisive about where/how to position a ROBOT,” but how long until that penalty comes into play? I could definitely see this becoming an issue.

Has anyone else seen something on this or pondered over this at all?

Quite a few people, actually.

I was also wondering about this. Probably worth asking in the Q&A.

Reminds me of this

Apparently neither team wanted to setup before the other. A stalemate in the center of the field followed where all the robots were just sitting, waiting for a ruling. I’m not exactly sure how this was resolved though.

I hope that there is a clear ruling on this, and I personally think defence should have the privilege of last move.

I know what has been done in the past, but I can seem to hunt down that rule. Tried searching through all iterations of ‘red’, ‘blue’, and ‘seed.’ Nothing.

  • In the past, if this scenario occurred, Blue Alliance was forced to put their robots first.
  • Sunny G.
  • This was in the past, it has no bearing on this year’s rules.

Check this thread about this topic:

There are two lanes that are completely indefensible for each alliance (assuming semi normal goaley robots). I have a design that makes this untrue, but has no other use than goaley. So I don’t really see how it is going to be relevant.

OK, let me be fair. You guys are too much better at design than I am, so the above is probably fallacious. But give me that those two lanes would be much harder to defend and thus make it rare that the defense would come into play.


Just do it in traditional draft order.

Blue team sets up 1 robot
Red team sets up 2 robots
Blue team sets up 2 robots
Red team sets up 1 robot

Everyone should be happy. Flip for who goes first.

When placed on the FIELD, each ROBOT must be:

in compliance with all ROBOT rules (i.e. have passed Inspection),
entirely within their GOALIE ZONE, or
entirely within the white ZONE and between the TRUSS and their GOALS, and
fully supported by the floor.

TEAMS positioning ROBOTS in the white ZONE have precedence over opponents placing ROBOTS in the GOALIE ZONE.

Seems like they updated it to make things clear here

Though I can still see confusion
Precedence definition:
the condition of being more important than something or someone else and therefore coming or being dealt with first

So it could mean white zone sets up first OR they get to make the final choice because they are more important.

Still not as clear as it could be.

Pretty sure the intent is that the offensive robots get to set up last. This makes sense because the GDC probably wants to encourage Autonomous scoring. Allowing a goalie bot to set up right in front of a shooting bot every time does not do this.

Definitely how I read it.