Pre -Inspection and IMPORTANT Notes.

All teams are required to present a completed pre-inspection form to the inspectors when the inspection starts.

I have sent the form to team leaders. The form is also available (soon) at for you to download. If you need it faxed I can also do that as required, just ask.

You must get inspected prior to your first match. This is your responsibility. Please do not wait until the last moment.

Inspection will be done as follows:

Station #1 - Weight - We have a new electronic scale that we are borrowing, it is accurate and works great. Sooooo drill those speed holes. Do not forget the battery. You will be asked if you have added any parts since official weight was taken. Any robot within 2 pounds of max weight will be subject to re-weighing if the inspectors request.

Station #2 - Size - We will be measuring the size as per the rules. This position/size must be your configuration at the start of a match.

Station #3 - Final inspection. Go back to your pit and wait for the inspectors to come to you. Be ready please, stay with your robot. This gives you the time to make final preparations and last min. adjustments.

It is very important that you get this done as soon as possible. There are 24 teams to inspect.

If you have problems figuring out how to complete the inspection form, post a specific question on the forum.


We will have a practice area set up with a goal and table for drivers, along with some game pieces. There will be two CDI staff working the area and controlling the sign-up sheet. You are limited to 5 min. if other teams are waiting:

Warning, warning, warning. You must monitor your battery power, charging is not possible. Conserve your resources.


Breakfast is served: YUM, YUM. bagels, juice, donuts. NO food or drink in Gym area please.

Each team will be guided to your pit table by a Event Guide. there you will set up your pit area. PLEASE battery powered hand tools only. You will not be allowed to use the 100 outlets at all. Have your camcorders and batteries charged.

Lunch items will be available at a very low cost. Hot Dogs, Nachos, Snacks, Pop all for less than anywhere else, what a deal.


We will be selling tickets for winning a computer, DVD Player, TV and more. Tickets cost $5.00 each we are only selling 3000 tickets, better odds than the state lottery. Drawing during awards.


Bring your banners, signs, custom shirts/uniforms and buttons to trade. Hey you might win a spirit award, who knows.

FINAL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Doors open Friday Evening for 1 hour only. 7:00 to 8:00 for teams that want to set up their pit and deliver their robot.

Doors open Saturday morning at 7:00, east side of the field house only.

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CDI Pre-Inspection list has been posted on the CDI page