Pre-inspection in Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi

I’ll be doing robot inspections for the first time this year at Rock City. I’m interested in getting a bit of practice, and helping teams identify and resolve issues before bag day. I am off work Friday through Monday inclusive this weekend, and would like to drop in on a few teams for an unofficial inspection. I’d like to coordinate schedules so I leverage drive time (e.g. do a couple in Mississippi one day, a couple in New Orleans another), so if you’re interested, please let me know any times which would work for you Fri-Mon.

If you’re interested, please post or PM me to set this up.

After the formal inspection, I’d also like to learn what makes your robot tick and maybe help with issues if you’re so inclined.

And all in confidence if that’s your preference.

P. S. if there’s a scrimmage going on somewhere nearby, let me know!

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