Pre-Kick Off Game Guesses

I’d like to make a quick discussion on what everyone thinks maybe the game for the year.

My personal idea is a game based on controlling pillars by holding onto them. The basic design of the board would be two sides with pillars in the shape of the original FIRST logo with each side controlling half of the pillars. The teams challenge is to control the pillars for the longest and either do a time or a shape things with the pillars.
This would allow for many strategies to unfurl, most basically the defenders and the attackers. The defenders would have to be able to remove the other team’s robots or however they would claim the pillar. The attackers would try to be able to get around the defenders and claim as many towers as possible.

Post your own ideas!!!

Let’s keep replies in the already established game hint threads, shall we? And please, please, read first so you don’t just duplicate what’s already there.