Pre-Order Molex Rio Latching Board

Hi CD,
Recently, I’ve designed these boards that are similar to the Swyft JST Board, or the Spartan Sensor Board. The main difference is that theses board have latching mechanisms that keep the connectors from unplugging. There are no active or passive components on the board, it simply just gives the Roborio Molex connectors. These are the same connectors used by 118 Robonauts, 3847 Spectrum, and 4587 Jersey voltage. I am thinking about starting pre-orders at $30 for the board and all the connectors unassembled. Are any teams interested?

(I ran out of Molex connectors to populate the entire board.)

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It looks like a great system, but I’m trying to figure out how teams are going to be able to square this with the fabrication rules (unless you’re going to do this quickly enough for teams to retrofit this year), or the fabrication rules change a lot more than I expect. As I understand your fabrication and distribution it isn’t COTS, so it would have to be manufactured after kickoff each year, from a published design.

I was planning on posting the gerber files if teams were interested. They could then order their own boards once the season starts. These boards were designed and ordered during this season. You are correct that is not COTS.

Are the Molex connectors you are referencing the SL Modular series? Thanks in advance.

Yes they are, here is the exact connector that is included in the kit.

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