Pre-Rookie team needs help please

We have just started a new team in upstate NY and we are wishing to go to an off-season event. Instead of just being spectators, I would like the team to be able to build a basic rolling chassis so the team can get the flavor of competition. If the FIRST community would be willing to donate some basic parts that you have laying around, we would be very grateful. If possible we would like to see the following…

Kit chassis
4 wheels (kit or otherwise)
2 CIM’s (or other drive motors)
2 trannys
2 Victors
Fuse panels, power distribution block, etc
Main breaker
Anderson connector
4 Small sprockets, 2 larger sprockets

I’m sure I’m missing some items, but this would be a great start for the team.

If a team has a current electronics package that we could borrow, that would be great as well. We understand the cost of that equipment is quite expensive, so we are very willing to return it.

Thank you in advance for helping us get excited about all FIRST has to offer. Any questions, please PM me with questions.

dont forget your frame and bumpers

If this falls through, you may be able to contact other teams in the area to borrow an old robot for such an event. While it isn’t a complete substitute for building a robot, it’ll at least get you in the game.

Thank you, this is already in the works.

I am sure that we would be able to “lend” you a competitive machine. Team Mercury 1089 has done this for other teams in the past. For example, we met with Allentown Redbird Robotics in their pre-rookie season so that they could compete in Brunswick Eruption. We converted our 2005 robot to compete in the 2007 game. Allentown went on the win the Rookie Inspiration Award at the NJ regional.

If we can be of assistance, please post on the Mercury 1089 forums.

Which you can find here:
Or contact Chris Gregory, our advisor. His contact info can be found on our website. =)

If you can make it down to Old Lyme in CT…come to BASH at the Beach on October 18th! There should be spare robots from several of the teams that are here. We are also planning a seminar on the new control system. (Thank you Brad Miller!)

speaking of new teams… my school in northern ID. is starting a team. we have never competed or participated in FIRST before. so any tips would be helpful!

I would say start talking to veteran teams in your area,
Judging from the map, 1595 or 2148 in Washington would be a good contact.

PM me if you need help finding contacts or mentors in that area.

Attend Pascack Panda-monium with the pre-rookie team (October 18th) … We should have an old robot ready for them if needed! … Feel free to contact me at any time … [email protected]