Pre-Scouting Future Event Functionality now available in the FRC Scouting Database Viz

For the teams attending your next event, would you like to see how they performed at prior events in one quick view? That functionality has been added to the Overall Scoring Performance Scouting Database Viz ** on the Bubble Chart Only tab **


Click HERE to go to the viz.

The new filter is located at the bottom of the screen and looks like this:

Keep in mind how a team performed in a past event does not accurately predict how that team will perform at future events because all teams work on improving their robot between competitions. But pre-scouting is very helpful when preparing for your next event and this viz can help with understanding “the big picture.”

Weeks 1 and 2 are currently in the viz; Week 3 data will be loaded as soon as it’s available (typically late Monday or Tuesday).

Current overall Bubble Chart:


Awesome stuff!

Will of course take with the appropriate grain of salt, but this is an awesome visualization! Thanks for sharing!

The Scouting Database Viz has been updated with Week 3 data.

Use the link in the first post above or THIS LINK to preview the Bubble Chart for viewing all FRC post- and pre-event data.

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Q: Does endgame only include Hanger score?


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Thank you for this! Super helpful for a quick understanding of the field going into our next event.

Thanks gives us confidence going into CAAV

Is it possible to add this feature to the stacked bar charts? I prefer those since the bubble chart gets awkward due to its scaling.

I will see if I can get that in along with Monday’s data refresh.

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Is there a way to know what rank the teams are in the stacked chart?

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Overall rank amidst all the teams on the chart or display the rank from the team’s most recent event? I’m assuming the former but want to clarify.

All the teams is what I was curious about.

I’ll see if I can get that added with with Week 4 data refresh early next week.


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