Pre-Season Excel Check List Spreadsheet?

At one point, someone on CD here sent me a very large pre-season check list of things to get done before, during, and after a robotics season.

It was on a very large spreadsheet in excel format, like a TO-DO list that you could check off the check boxes when complete. I forgot who helped me and I can’t seem to find the post or file anymore.

I am hoping either the same person, or another person might be willing to share your pre-season check list?

It was very handy to look at and mark off things to do.


Sorry to barge in Chris, but if that spreadsheet is found I’d love to see it.

I do not have a list but i would like to add in the idea sounds VERY useful and when someone gets ahold of a list please pass it on. Sorry to interrupt the post.
Matt Rybar
Team 894

Well if we can’t find it again, I’d be interesting in starting a new one. We can use this thread to collect check list items.

How about we break it up into three groups:

Pre-Season (like due dates, registerations, contact sponsors whatever)

Build Season (hotels, trip permission forms etc)

Post-Season (ship robot, mail proof to FIRST, confirm hotels etc)

Once I collect all the thoughts, I’ll make a new excel sheet and share it with everyone of us leaders that forget things every season…

Could this be it?

There are a bunch of other good nemo whitepapers: