Pre season Scrimmages???

I am new to the Tennessee Valley - northern Alabama FIRST community, and was wondering if anyone on CD out there new of a preseason scrimmage some where within about 3-4 hours driving of northern Alabama or southern Tennessee. If you know of any (maybe even the Kentucky area or so) or where I could get more information on some preseason scrimmages, please respond. Thanks.

Georgia FIRST sponsors a pre-ship scrimmage targeted to teams coming to Atlanta for the Peachtree Regional. It will be held this year on Feb 20th and 21st. We often see team 34 visit us for that. I think they are also from the Huntsville area. As of right now there are limited details at, but you should be able to get contact info there if you are interested.

Thanks. My team was originally entered to go to peachtree, but we then decided to go to Orlando in stead.

It’s probably a little bit farther away for you, but my team sponsors a scrimmage in Greenville, South Carolina. Normally most of the teams that come to it are from SC, but we’ve had a few out-of-state teams. This year it’s Feb. 20th.

one of our mentor’s has family up in SC so i could probably convince him to take us if peach tree doesn’t work out :slight_smile: