Pre-season ventures

I was wondering if there could be some sort of pre-season ventures. It would be about the upcoming season rules. Maybe some categories as easy as will there be autonomous mode to something more elaborate. All choices would have to be somewhat vague, but it would be worth it to see some ideas.

This sounds like it’d be cool. We did it last year, mainly to test out Ventures. The only problem I see is that on/around the 24th of this month, we (read: Brandon) are moving servers, upgrading to vBulletin 3, and re-writing the gallery, white papers, and ventures to work with vb3. And, I also have a job, life, Listen-To, and a few other side-projects. So … maybe? :slight_smile: I guess it all depends on how smooth the upgrade goes.

ok, sounds good. I can’t wait for the upgrade to vb3.

Are you/vb3 making the gallery searchable?

I desparately hope so. Trying to find a specific picture can be amazingly time consuming.

Image gallery will be new. It will be searchable, yes.
White papers will be searchable, also (the descriptions, not the papers themselves).