Pre-Seson Competition

Each year before the mayhem begins, my team holds a H.A.L.F competition (H.A.L.F has stood for many things, so there is no more official name). Our mentors think up a medium-difficulty game, with some crazy scoring system. We then have about 6 weeks to build a small robot to perform these tasks. This competition really helps our freshmen get into “robotics mode” and teach them basic skills. It is also good for returning players, as it allows us to remember anything we have forgotten, and experiment with new ideas. Each member of the winning team gets $50 dollars off of their fee, so there is some incentive to win :smiley: . If any other team does something similar, new ideas would be nice! Thanks!

our team has a similar competition every year for the rookies on our team. We have a few BOE bots that they can learn programming with. At the end of the first season, they have a mini competition involving crazy scoring and usually ping-pong balls. The rest of the team usually finds a project that would help our team get better organized.