Pre-Ship Competition in southern WI

Team 537 Domo ARIGATO, is holding it’s 2nd Annual Open House at Hamilton High School in Sussex, WI on Saturday 16Feb2002 from 2-6pm in the Gymnasium. All the WI-FIRST teams are invited with 4 teams confirmed (537, 269, 930, and 706) and a few maybes (93, and 171) Any other teams want to join us? We will have a full field, 3 goals, player’s stations on one side (3/4" Lexan courtesy of GE Plastics), carpet, border and we will hold no fewer than 6 rounds probably as many as 8.
Last year the Open House was a great success: a good proving ground for the robots (Cooney-Quest re-geared their drivetrain last year after trying it out here and then went on to be in the winning alliance at Motorola!) and good exposure to the community (TV, and other press coverage)
If your team is nearby and they wish to participate, Please contact Joe Balint at (262) 521-6438

Yo sup all this is team 93 reporting in that we will be going to your invitational!!! I think out head teacher might have sent you a letter but if not, well here you go!!!
C yah then

Hi Everyone!

Per our team bulletin today, team #171 from Platteville, Wisconsin will be attending. See you all there!

~ The Chippie ~