Preassembled 3D printed 2” Mecanum Wheels

We designed some 2” Mecanum Wheels that print fully assembled without support material. These wheels copy a lot of geometry from the Thrifty Bot wheels. Thanks to Nick and Ryan for designing a great wheel and giving us the ok to post this design.

Left Wheel:
2910, 2in, Preassembled, 3DP, Mechanum Wheel, Left.STL (11.3 MB)
2910, 2in, Preassembled, 3DP, Mechanum Wheel, Left.STEP (2.1 MB)

Right Wheel:
2910, 2in, Preassembled, 3DP, Mechanum Wheel, Right.STL (11.3 MB)
2910, 2in, Preassembled, 3DP, Mechanum Wheel, Right.STEP (2.1 MB)

When printing these wheels be sure to turn support material off.

edit: Testing video 1/22/2020


Do you need any hardware for these?

Thanks, we’ll give these a try

No hardware needed. Just pop them off the print bed and they are ready to use.

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This is so cool thanks for sharing! I’ll make a couple of these tonight and try to post my own results as well.

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This is all one large print, right? or are the rollers seperate

It is all one print. It prints fully assembled with the rollers already attached to the wheel. There is actually no way to disassemble the wheel because the rollers are fully captured. Inspiration taken from the Emmett gear.

Awesome design! What infill percent did you use?

These are the settings we used. However i’m sure there are other settings that would work as well.

image image


This is a great looking part! cant wait for our new makerbot replicator + to come in so we can print some of these! Thank you for sharing


Very cool! I’ll be sure to show my teacher this tomorrow! :smiley:
Good luck this year y’all!

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What’s the print time with those settings per wheel?

How are the rollers able to free spin if it’s all being printed in one piece? Does this require a two material printer?

According to Eiger, 3 Days 2 Hours for 8 wheels

The rollers and main piece of the wheel are not touching each other. There is a small bit of clearance between them when printed.

No, it does not require a two material printer.


I am fairly unfamiliar with the 3D print process as a whole, but does it seem reasonable to try a print of these on a form labs form 2 (SLA)? I am not completely sure which material we would use.

Has anyone printed these on an Afinia printer? If so, what settings did you use?

Using the cross section preview you can see how these wheels would be printed in one print without support material.


That makes more sense now. Thanks for sharing this!

This is great, thanks for sharing!
Would you mind posting a video of these in action?

The Thrifty VIW’s use cylindrical rollers because they’re machined parts, but it results in an uneven contact surface and a 2.079" diameter on the edges. Since you’re doing a one-piece print, you aren’t limited by practical machining considerations and can adjust this to be a true 2" wheel, right?