precision grade aluminum extrusion - item MB Kit

For all of you that are using aluminum extrusion for your robots or models, I would highly recommend you use the German brand “item”. item is a global company with distribution in over 30 countries including the USA. We have nationwide service centers that can cut, drill and tap your product for you and help with engineering and applications assistance. item is by far the strongest, lightest, and most diverse extrusion system in the world. If you send me a list of what you need and what processing you want, I will turn your order around in one day - guaranteed. Please call me at 262-363-4800 or email M-Sat 9am - 9pm CST. I have been authorized to offer the FIRST teams a substantial discount -we currently support other FIRST teams and we will support yours.

Team 930


Come one…people read these forums enough to where u dont have to post the same message over and over…



I am new to the forum - I was not quite sure how the posting was working. I apologize for the redundancy of the posts.