Precision washer sources

I’ve been designing a shifter to pass the time and I need a 1/16" thick washer with a 0.75" ID. I’d typically go to McMaster for this kind of thing, but their listed tolerances are really wide. Thoughts on where else to look?

Look for shims instead of washers on McMaster. Funnily enough, the shifter gearboxes my team made actually required the same 1/16" thick 0.75id shims. The ones we got were 92661A747.

Sounds like something that could be fabricated pretty easily. 1/16" sheet steel with tolerances ±.001 is pretty easy to get. Chuck it up in a manual hole punch, hit a 1 1/4 outside for the disk, 3/4 inside right on the same dimple, then flatten lightly with a rubber mallet. It’ll be pretty darn close- and I assume the thickness is what you’re really after here anyway.