Predict the highest 2017 match score!

I saw a thread about average week 1 score predictions but I wanted to make a thread about the predictions for the highest single match score.

My prediction is up there but I think there will be an alliance that scores 500 points, but it would only be possible during elimination matches. Let me break it down for you.

1 Auto rotor: 60 points
3 Teleop rotors: 40 points each for 120 points
Rotor bonus: 100 points
50 kPA achieved: 50 points
Full boiler bonus: 20 points
3 Climbs: 50 points each for 150 points

Total: 500 points :ahh:

You might want to check page 42 of the manual again for scoring values.

Isn’t an alliance capable of two (2) auto rotors during autonomous if each robot were to deliver a gear equaling 120pts?


and the pilots were quick enough to place all three gears

It’s possible but I didn’t include it in my prediction because I think due to the human element the 2 rotor auto will happen very, very infrequently. And if it does happen it’s probably not going to happen in the same match as a triple climb, full boiler, quad rotor. Not to say it couldn’t happen but if it did I wouldn’t be mad that my prediction was wrong because it would likely be one of the greatest STEAMWorks matches of the year.


639 :smiley:

Somewhere right near the 535-540 range.

620 points

Somewhere between 0 and 800 points.


Between 450-500.