Predictions for week 3 FiM events


There are 5 FiM events this week. What are your predictions for each event? Who will win? What’s the coolest thing that will happen? Triple level 2 start? 2-2-1 HAB ranking point? Triple lvl 3? 1st seed rookie?


Killer Bees team up with (spins wheel) 469 and wins Center Line. They finally put use to their triple Lv3 climber, but don’t attempt it in every playoff match.

Flying Toasters double blue banner at Detroit.

3538 teams up with a team that hasn’t played an event yet and wins Gull Lake.

4967 wins Muskegon, and 245 wins Kingford.

All 5 winning alliances have a Lv3 climber robot. 4/5 of the winning alliances will be the #1 alliance.

Rocket rank point will continue to be a scarce occurrence; less than 10 filled rockets between all 5 events.

I think that covers everything.


All I can really say about week 3 is that it seems pretty straight forward. Any person well versed in the “FiM meta” can easy look at the team lineups this week and guess the #1 alliance pretty easily.

That being said, it also means there’s the highest potential for teams to stand out that haven’t been able to play yet (226, 469, 1711, 4967, 4970) to name a few. I’m hoping we’ll have another 5205 tier team come out of nowhere but it’s all up in the air.

If I really had to give a hot take, it would be that 33 and 3641 end the weekend without winning a banner. We’ll see if this post ages well.


We were next to Toasters in the pits at Gibraltor. They continued to improve all weekend and were quite scary by the time playoffs rolled around. In addition, they were working on their climber. They will be a force at any event.


Killer Bees take Foley Freeze onto the finals as the First Alliance. Byting Bulldogs and IMPI robotics take the 3rd alliance into the finals and take the win in Center Line

Flying Toasters and Hammerheads both cling-bling at Detroit

RoboJackets and Comets defeat Truck Town Thunder and The Blue Devils in Gull Lake. One of these four gets Engineering Inspiration.

At Kingsford Adambots get there revenge from Kettering #1 and double gold. BraveBots win with them

Muskegon has 5 big contenders That One Team, Titan Robotics, Petosky Paladins, and RAPTORS. Any combination of 2 these two teams
could win


That would be team 5675! :wink:


Do you mean both will win + chariman’s/EI?


Yes they both will. In my opinion


Is this not already the case for most events? Has an alliance without a LV3 climber won an event?


I’d include the Wayland Wildcats (6090) in that group. They had a very quiet great year last year (2018 Winners of Gull Lake, Finalist at Kentwood, Alliance Captain at MSC, Chosen as part of the Tesla Winning Alliance).


A few teams that I think are getting overlooked at these events:
I would not be surprised to see 5114 win at Muskegon. They were pretty good at Kettering 1, and competed for a second time when some of the other contenders haven’t played yet will give them a leg up. The other darkhorse is 3546. They are one of the more consistent teams in the state, but I never see anyone recognize them.

I would be shocked if the winning alliance at Gull Lake didn’t have both 3538 and 3357. Both are in my top ten teams in MI. Comets have been among the best teams in the state three years in a row and I think people really started to see it last year.

I would keep my eye on 2586 at Kingsford as a sleeper. Another team that knows what to do, they could do fairly well if someone slips up.


2586’s bot looks pretty good this year. As does 6569’s. 2586 has some pressure to perform as the reigning state champs. I would not be surprised to see 2586 with 245 or 4391 in elims.

Defense there will probably be a pretty big factor due to the high number of rookie teams. Which probably means 1596 and 857 (that’s us!) are probably screwed with our mecanum drive.

857 and 245 will have some pressure to perform as the oldest teams at the event.

As someone said earlier, 4970 should be a good bot and they will be finalists minimum.


Woah, someone knows who we are! Finally out of obscurity!!


I predict that at-least two matches of the Kingsford event will be completely announced in a yooper accent :wink:


it might happen…


FYI I am training people at this event for both emcee and GA and was planning on doing this myself as I will be filling both roles to a certain extent.


Haven’t seen 4004 mentioned as a contender for muskegon, but their execution of swerve drive last year was one of the best I’ve ever seen.


I had some free time so I decided to go more in depth on them than others have been.

Center Line:

Team 33 will rank first overall. Their top choices will be: 51, 469, 910, 2960, and 3539. History says that 33 will probably favor 469 or 910, due to the 3 teams playing with each other several times in eliminations in the their histories. They’ll face an alliance captained by 1025, who is coming off of their 1st overall rank at Belleville, in the finals, who will choose one of the teams previously mentioned, with 2 of the other teams probably teaming up to be semifinalists. 33’s alliance has the best chance of coming out on top, although 1025 did win the event last year. 33, 910, and 1025 are the top 3 contenders for Chairman’s, with both 33 and 910 winning it last year at a district (with 910 also winning EI at another district), while 1025 won it at the district level in 2016 and 2017, and EI at a district last year.


Coming off of an impressive showing at Gibraltar, 3641 will rank first overall. Their top choices will be 123, 226, and 2048. The two teams not picked by 3641 will pair up together. Due to this being a shallow event, the top alliances are going to have a weak 2nd pick unless something strange goes on in alliance selection and a good team slips. This means that Detroit has potential for upsets, and at least one of the alliances of 123, 226, 2048, and 3641 will probably not make it to the finals. 226 and 3641 will split Chairman’s and EI. This is 3641’s last chance to win either as they are going to Buckeye instead of a 3rd district. Due to their win at States last year, I’ll put them as my favorite to win the award, although not by much.

Gull Lake:

Either 3357, coming off of their Einstein finalist, 6 banner season last year, or 3538, with their win in Southfield week 1 and their success last year, will rank first overall. Whoever ranks first will pick the other. Other teams with a good chance at ranking high and making finals are 68, who usually makes good robots and had a pretty solid robot last year despite not making MSC or Worlds, 4130, Einstein finalists last year, and 5675, who won both their districts in 2017 and was picked for eliminations at every event they attended in 2018. The 3357/3538 alliance is the clear favorite to win this event if it is formed. Some good Chairman’s teams are 68, who will be trying to rebound after they lost their 5 year Chairman’s streak last year, and 3357, who won their first Chairman’s award last year.


Several teams stand out at Muskegon, although I can’t think of a clear favorite. 1711, 3618, 4967, 5114, and 6090 are all good teams. 2 of these teams were on Einstein last year, 1711 is a former Michigan State Championship, and 5114 has a good robot that was the first pick of the 3rd alliance at Kettering #1 despite their 20th overall rank. Some other good teams going are 3546 and 3767, with 3546 ranking 6th overall on Tesla last year and 3767 winning Gaylord. Due to 5114 being the only one of these teams to have already played, it is hard to gauge who will rank first and who they will pick. On the other hand, Chairman’s can be predicted. Both 3618 and 4967 are favorites for the award. 4967 didn’t win the award last year but have in the past, along with EI. 3618 beat out 4967 to win the award at Forest Hills last year, as well as winning it at MSC 2016. 3618 has also won Chairman’s at a district every year since 2015. I’m going to predict 3618 as winning the award with a 4967 EI.


The first event in the UP has several good teams in attendance. 245 made it to the finals of Kettering in week 1. They are probably the favorites for the event and should rank near the top. They have not demonstrated a 3rd level HAB climb, however, and it could be difficult for them to rank high without one. Team 857 is entering their 18th season without having ever won an event, but they always build good robots. Other good teams include reigning Michigan State Champions 2586, 3602, 4391, 4970, and 6075. All of these teams will make a good run for the event win, but they will probably have to pair with 245 to get it. 245 is the favorite to win the Chairman’s award, although 3875 has won it in the past and 4988 won EI last year.

Man I wasted a lot of time on this.


It takes a while to be noticed in Michigan among so many HOF teams but I predict 5205 will be on the FiM radar now.

It was a great alliance with you guys and 7144 at Lakeview. You guys caught our attention Thursday night when we were practicing with you and we would have scored a rocket a couple of matches. There was a lot of buzz from the drive team and mentors that were there and our scouts evidently agreed and results speak for themselves. You have a great robot but more importantly you play the game smart.


Center Line will be fun to watch. There are notable teams and it will be fun to watch Killer Bees #33. Waiting to see good defense style robots.