Predictions for week 3 FiM events


So, 857 was 221 before and had to change their number (long story) so technically It’s our 21st season without an event win. After pit scouting today, 6569 seems to be the only team with hab 3. (I might have missed one somewhere). 245 is strong and will definitely rise up probably picking 2586 or 4391 (both look good for cargo, but 4391 is swerve, so maneuvering?) 245 might play more cargo than hatch at this event, maybe wanting a hatch specialist (@ 857) to join them. Finals prediction:

1st seed:
4827 (just a DT, but some potential for defense)

2nd seed:
857 (only slightly biased)

245 comes off with event win. 4970 gets chairman’s.


After day 1, it looks like we were both wrong. 245 is rank 9 at the moment (there are some falsely high bots, but shhh… ) they seem to do pretty well, but 4391 and 6569 are their equals, but with decent climbing mechs. This event is weird because there are several high-mid tier/low-high tier teams (according to scouting data) ranked below 35/40. As well as many low tier teams ranked in picking position. This event is weird to say the least.


Michigan is so awesome that sometimes even Hall of Fame teams go unnoticed.

= speaking for a friend =


33 almost got 1025 AND 469, but #2 picked them first. From what I saw, did not attempt the triple Lv3 still. 1/3

3641 got the win, but 226 won Chairman’s. 3641 won EIA. So close. 1.5/2.
33 was the double banner team of the week.

3538 paired up with a 2nd event team, but still won. Props to 5152 for improving so much from their previous event in 1 week (25 -> 2). 1/2.

4967 did NOT win, but 245 did. 1/2.

5/5 winners had Lv3 climbers. 3/5 winning alliances were #1 (not 4). Two were #3 alliances. 1/2.

Rocket rank points are still EXTREMELY rare. Only 3 completed rockets between the 5 events. There are still more rocket rank point being given out for descoring a game piece than actually completing the rocket. 1/1.

Overall 6.5/12. Not bad predictions if I can say so myself.


Alright let’s see how I did:

Center Line:
33 did rank first overall as I predicted. However, I did not think that 1025 would be their first pick, but they really turned up their game in between Belleville and Center Line. They won the event. They had one elimination lost, finals match 1, to an alliance captained by one of my top teams, 51, and 2851. 2851 used to be one of the better teams in the state but these past few years have not been the best for them. However, they made a comeback at Center Line and was one of the best teams there. 469 did not debut the strongest but still made it to the finals as the 2nd pick of the 2nd alliance. two of the other teams, 3539 and 910, paired up together, but were upset by a 2960 led alliance. 33 won Chairman’s and 910 won EI.

I did not predict 4680 ranking first, but I probably should have, considering they were Southfield finalists as the #2 captain. However, 3641 ranked a close 2nd and was their first pick, with the 2 winning the event. 226 was the #3 captain and picked rookie 7769, a team at their first ever event, and were taken down in the Semis by 123 and 2048. All of the teams I listed were some of the top teams at the event, but the surprise of 7769 and me not realizing how good 4680 is throws off my accuracy for this event. 226 won Chairman’s and 3641 won EI, just like was expected, although 226 won Chairman’s and I thought 3641 was the slight favorite.

Gull Lake:
Ranking first overall was 3538, as expected. What I did not expect was 5152 getting picked first overall. Only earning 23 points at their first event and having only made it to MSC once in their team’s (albeit short) history, I had no clue who they were. The unexpected pick paid off, and 5152 won the event with 3538. 3357 made it to the finals with 4855 and 68, who, like 469, did not do as well as I thought they would but still made it to finals. 5675 was on the 3rd alliance and 4130 was on the fourth, with both making it to the semifinals.

6090 was picked first overall but ended up losing the event to EDIT: 4004’s alliance, joined by 3546. Several of my other predicted teams did not do as well as I thought they would, but many had not shown their robots yet and it can only be expected that surprises happen if I am basing off of team’s histories. 3603 won Chairman’s and 3618 won EI.

While 245, my favorite for the event, won, several other teams I thought would do well did not perform as well as expected. I have to congratulate many young teams on proving how good they are, however, with only one captain having a rookie year earlier than 2016 and 2 rookies being captains. 3602 won Chairman’s, which was unexpected, and 2586 won EI, also unexpected. Both are good teams though and both had well deserved wins.


Please wait as 3572 just pops up outta nowhere and ranks one at Muskegon.

Too bad we lost finals 2 and 3 or that would have been one heck of an awesome improvement. (Still one heck of an improvement, But winning the first Muskegon Event woulda been sweet.)


Correction: FiM Muskegon was won by 4004’s alliance who picked 3546.


Sorry for the mistake. Fixed it




I should make a hot take about 503 at this rate.

All joking aside, congrats on your weekend and I’m excited for that double buddy climb to bee shown.