Predictions in lonestar?

Any one have any ideas about who could be big competition in lonestar? Any predictions or insights?

Looking Forward makes his predictions on Wednesday or so.

Nothing official from LF but keep an eye out for Team KAOS, Robowranglers, and the DiscoBots. I think those three will be in the finals . Not to mention 1477…

OK #1 thing to know about LSR

The #1 seed has never won . . ever . .

so my pick is on a dark horse. 1817 will tear up and take it all.

I guess now the same thing can be said about Dallas, we’re starting a trend up there too.

However, I’d say the reason is because there are more robots than just two that are significant contenders, especially when you can pair up strengths with strategy. Yes, the first alliance gets their cherry-pick of the other robots, but with a field (of capable robots) so large the other alliance captains really get great picks too. This year’s game even adds another variable, the human player this year is such a tremendous factor to the success of an alliance.

I like to point to Alliance #2 in Dallas as a Cinderella story. Rookies 3037 and 2848 weren’t really much to talk about individually in the qualification rounds; 3037’s “Kitty Litter Bot” didn’t really even do anything until it finished construction towards the end of the day on Friday (though the Kitty Litter wasn’t added until Saturday to replace weights loaned to them by 148); and 932 was a great bot, but to our scouts it didn’t really pull itself apart from the rest of the pack of similar capable bots. However 3037 had a phenomenal human player, 2848 had a capable set of mentors behind it, and 932 cranked up the heat. The trio made it to the Semi’s and really put up a good fight.

I think Lone Star is going to have 8 alliances easily capable of winning it all, even if Alliance #1 carries with it a curse. Hey, even the curse of the Great Bambino had to end some time!


Who was the top seed in the 2005?
I thought that 118 was and picked 231 the number two seed and then went undefeated in the eliminations with 499 playing mid-field defense.


That is correct. 118 had a qualification record of 9-1 and picked 231 also 9-1 then picked 499. They were the # 1 seed.

hmm that’s strange because it was a robonaut that informed me of this. I do see where they won it in 2005.

oh well prediction stands Texas is where #1 seeds go to die.

and I agree with Danny. 3037 was the Cinderella of Dallas, week 4 they walk in to the North Texas Feild day with the same frame( no electronics) they had from the rookie build day. After the Rookie SOS Day they had a fully working robot with an auto mode( they added the kit box at the competition). Love that team.

We played a match with 3037 early on Friday and had a great time with them. They were excellent partners and played like veterans. Our team was happy to lend them a hand (and some barbells) on Thursday evening and Friday morning. It was awesome to see them seed #2. I expect big things from these guys in the future.

I had heard a rumor that 3037 was upset with 148 for some reason, but I don’t really know why. Hopefully this isn’t true. If anyone has any insight into this, feel free to send me a PM. As I said, 148 has the utmost respect for 3037. We enjoyed playing with them Friday morning, and had a hard fought semi-final against them Saturday afternoon.

I’m really looking forward to Houston. Dallas was great to see old friends and make new ones, and I hope we get the same opportunity this week.


I dont know…but it is going to be intresting…i see veterans 118…team 231…discobauts…and 148 robowranglers as the ones who will be seen a lot…but leavi to FIRST to make some action happen…this new game is difinetly going to put everyone to the test…may the best team win! goodluck to all teams…let me be the first to give a big texas welcome to those coming in out of state…