Predictions Week 1: Start Counting

Deep Learning: Predictions Week 1 - Start Counting

Since the change of Looking Forward threads’ format from weekly predictions to summary & trends, the community has been looking forward to a new global predictions thread. After writing predictions blogs for several years in the Israeli forum, I decided it’s time to expand.

Here is the format:

Predict the main strategies and game’s flow for the current week.

Rate the strength of the top events in this week (so you will know what is worth watching).

Analyze the top/unique robots’ ability in each event.

As teams waits for tilting the balance to their sides, and climbing themselves beyond the yellow bricks, week 1 events will be in the sign of adaptation. The teams who will manage to quickly adapt the new scoring system, will cruising to the win in week 1 events without a major problem. For many years, points have been awarded for quantity of game pieces, this year is all about keep the balance in your side with the least game pieces. This week we shouldn’t see too many robots managed to lift another buddies consistently, but the ones who does, probably will get ranked very high.

1. Dallas Regional:

If you want to watch the potential of this game in it’s highest level, you should watch Dallas.
As 118 will definitely make the audience feel some illusions, with their versatile cube ability, and their creative lifting mechanism. Alongside 148, they are the favorites to win this stacked event. It will be interesting to see if the Robowranglers’ lifting system can work consistently without giving an “uppercut” to their buddies. This black machine gave us a peek to their process this season, thanks to JVN’s blog. Will you let them grab your bumper?
I don’t know if we can count on too many 4RP this weekend, but if so, it will most likely happen by this duo.
Although, this event is much more than just these teams, 1477, 2848 and 1296 will try to ruin 118&148 plans and to show us that Dallas is highly rated not only because those 2 powerhouses.
Illusion and Uppercut will probably constitute up the #1 alliance at this event. Can someone in Dallas manage to stop these two powerhouses from dominating the event? After losing together in last year’s Las Vegas final, 118 and 148 will do everything to show us that the SpaceCowboys are dominating Texas.

2. ISR District Event #1:
Thanks to the change in the format from regional to district, the Israeli competitive level have been increasing significantly. In each of the past three years there was an Israeli representation on Einstein, some of those teams will compete in #ISR1.
This year ISR#1 is probably the strongest district in Israel until DCMP, with powerhouses 1574, 1690 jumping in the mix with strong teams like 1577, 2630.
You should expect seeing multi climbers with 3211 & 4586’s ramp, Thunderbolts & Miscar’s buddy bars, and probably more interesting mechanisms which stayed unrevealed like those of Steampunk and Orbit.
Thanks to this Friday’s scrimmage hosted by Orbit, we got to see a few of the robots go toe to toe against each other, with 1577, 1574 and 1690 absolutely overloading the scale game after game.

3. Utah Regional:
When 1678 is competing in event, you need to watch it. For years Citrus has been playing the highest level, and this year is no different. With 3 cube Auto routing for both sides, they have the ability to get significant advantage already in the Autonomous mode. Alongside with their buddy lifting, they will try to grab 4RP every match.
As they show us they can dominate scale and climbing by their own, we need to see who will be the best robot to join them in the final rounds. Teams like 3230, **1339 **or 4944can be the right bot for the job.

4. FiM District Southfield Event:
Like past years, we have the luck to see 33 and **67 **playing together so early in the season. This season it seems like they can be an ideal partner to each other. While the Killer Bees can easily maneuver the field with their printed swerve and effective double 4 bar cube manipulator, the HOT team got an simple but effective buddy lifting mechanism.

5. ONT District Durham College Event:
Can a low shooter successfully put cubes on a stacked scale? The answer for this question can be given only after watching **610**shooter in action at Durham. Equipped with a single climber similar to the one they built in 2016, they will try to show us that you don’t need to do every task in order to be highly competitive.
**4476 ** known by building simple but effective machine will be in Durham ,alongside with other Canadians like **4939 **and 1285.

7. Palmetto Regional:
At Palmetto you can watch some various robots as last year’s Carson winner, **125 **who will try to overcome the problems they encounter in the official week 0. Alongside them, the latest HoF team, 2614, built effective cube machine, with a creative switch flipper solution that can save important time during Auto. The third limp in this event will be **4481**with their low shooter. Like the Coyotes, we already know that Rembrandts can shoot high, but can they do it with a full scale?
**900 **and their known programming ability, will try to be dominate in this year’s Auto, worth a watch. Alongside them, 3489 and their triple climber, will try to sneak into this respectful list.

Until next week,
Deep Learning
by Lidor & Guy

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