Predictions Week 1: We Have Lift-Off

This is awesome.:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t expect many will bet against LF on that one.

Good to see you’re back! Can’t wait for more predictions!

BTW, there are a few teams from Purdue looking to make their mark at Buckeye :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate 888 getting some recognition, that’s for sure.
But I think this year will be a better year for us, we’ve got a robot much improved from last years.

Besides, it’s our 8th year. ;]

Regional s for us are so close but so far…

A whole day early!

It just isn’t robot season without looking forward. :smiley:

I hope 1024 isn’t a flash in the pan too… :o


Nobody replaces 303’s Fridge. Nobody :cool:

Great stuff here. Can’t wait for more to come!

Great info.

I kept clicking the links, hoping for pictures and videos of mentioned robots and all I got was some weird music videos. What gives? :smiley:

A brilliant point from an informant:
Both 1024 and 245 had similar success before their break-out years (2 regional wins each), but 1024 has been somewhat more consistent. Nobody is suggesting that the Kil-a-Bytes are going to fade in obscurity, but question if they’ll still be able to contend directly with juggernauts like 1114, 217, 71, and 111. They’ll be a first round pick, but will need to partner with one of the greats if they intend to return to the moon… winners circle.

Wow, great point.

However, this year we finished a week and a half early with a very simple robot that works wonderfully. Last time we did that was in 2005.

Also, although we haven’t had as much success with our robots, we did win a Chairman’s and Woodie Flowers in 2006, and two website awards last year.

I agree with the comment regarding our lack of consistency though, that’s been our greatest challenge.

Great post!

The more I hear from looking forward, the more it reminds of one person (even with help and advise from others).
My guess is that he will certainly be at the DC regional during week 1 and that I saw him at all of our 3 regionals and championship last season. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’d be more than happy to be one of the rankers for CMP this year again!
Even with my first newborn this past week, nothing will stop me from watching and attending events every week!
Only a Luna-tic would do that. :wink:

Last season there were debates on which regional to watch. It’s a no-brainer that its the MidWest in '09. With more and more elite team collaborations occuring, the elite teams are looking to continue to stay on top.

For week one there is no doubt that the MidWest regional is going to be the most watched and most interesting competition. I think the collaborations are also going to make interesting alliance choices.

Have to say I’m surprised to see 1732 mentioned after we have only made it to the finals once in three years. But anytime you get mentioned in between teams as strong as 1625 and 2171 is a good day, I guess. Maybe we aren’t flying under the radar as much I thought (and hoped).

One of my favorite things to do before a competition is to read Looking Forward’s prediction. Hopefully my team can impress enough at NJ to get on LF’s big board for VCU in week 4.

Fantastic info, as always!

Here’s looking forward to week 1.

Hilarious and informative as always

Great job to LF

Great to see Looking Forward back, great predictions as always.

I still think Looking Forward deserves their own forum like Car Nack.

IIRC, that finals was when you were first seed in Curie '07… I know I see 1732 and think of that round and that robot.

I’m sure you’ll be mentioned at VCU as you folks impress every year and for CA award also. We saw first hand last season.

Where did you get this info on team 71? I haven’t seen any posts of their bot on CD yet.

Well, hopefully 2022 can impress LF enough to get on the list for Milwaukee.

See everyone at Midwest in 1.5 days.