Predictions Week 5: On the Bubble

And I thought he was making fun of 174! Speaking of them, it will be fun to see a similar nubmuffin face at DC tomorrow!

Okay, NOW I have egg on my face :o

Thought I messed something up. Struck me like a rock after I turned my computer off I got my numbers mixed up!

Teams must not have left their bag & tag forms with the robots… No forms means they have to be done on Thursday morning, which could cause a slight delay in un-bagging if there are many teams! :ahh:

522’s unique geometry was useful because of 1635’s angled frame (and, to a lesser extent, ours). They will be a priority pick for long bots that are either very front heavy or have angular sandwich shenanigans planned, but I don’t see an analogous advantage for them in triple balances involving two other wide bots.

Our partner fed us in 7 elimination matches to great success; EVERY team with an intake should write a passing mode. We have one written even though we plan on shooting ourselves.

Good point Adam.
Our team has already written code to accept balls from other teams in auto, and will keep that in consideration during alliance selections, should we place in the top 8 or if the alliance captain needs help selecting at our event next week.

Definitely going to watch Connecticut this weekend. A lot of teams we saw at WPI are going to be there [including GUS] as well as the Robonauts, 2168 and others.

I also might check out Troy just to see some of their teams [67] live, and GTR-West because the Canadian regionals have been fun to watch so far.

I’m happy the 2-1 strategy is popular, and also the variation of that I first saw at GKC with 16/1986 and later with 1114/2056 of at least one [or alternating] offensive robot going over the bump to steal balls. And people understanding that you shouldn’t double balance with your two best shooters, leave one to notch up some points in the last thirty seconds.

176’s finalist was at Montreal, not BAE.

Having lost to 973 in LA due in large part to the points they scored in hybrid, we approve of this strategy.

Dallas West is poised to have a relatively level field of competition, with no team capable of absolutely dominating. 935 does appear to have an edge over most of the other competitors, but 1421, 1296, and 2468 should be able to keep it very interesting.

Fair prediction, however I am going to give props to the Houston teams, and say 441, 3847 and 1429 will keep it more interesting than 1421,1296 and 2468.

Houston is the original home of FIRST in Texas (despite what Dallas thinks) and Houston teams will take home the big awards !

None taken. Hahaha :smiley: I guess they thought you were referring to 174, one less than 175. I found that pretty funny actually. haha.

I wasn’t aware there were nubmuffins on our team.

So what exactly IS a nubmuffin?:confused:

“nubmuffin” is a portmanteau of “nub” and “muffin”.

“nub” is a simplified form of the term “noob” or “n00b”, originating from the term “newbie”.

Thus, “nubmuffin” seems to imply that one lacks the skill of a veteran while being as weak and fluffy as a muffin.

Yes, quite.

Alternatively one is as awesome and delicious as a freshly baked muffin.

Possibly both.

Ok…back on topic now…

174 shouldn’t be overlooked at DC. Ranked 2nd most of FLR and ended up 5th seed, we have a very solid hybrid shooter, good for balancing on the bridge and a contender for a top seed in that event, though I do agree that everyone will be hard pressed to stop 1218 for #1.

Also about DC, 639 will be one of those teams that can triple balance (they did at FLR.), and will be a solid pick for any alliance who wants that +40.