Predictions Week 6: Battle for the Lakes

Yes it is :stuck_out_tongue:

My prediction for 10,000 lakes is for 2970 to be on the winning alliance. They (with the help of 2506) gave us a big run for our money in Wisconsin and have put up a great rookie year so far. This team is fast (awesome fans and I’ve been told they may be upgraded) and can definitely score like it’s going out of style. 2506 also has a very good machine and should do quite well.

HOT, team 67 looks like they have great odds in Michigan. They are extremely fast and can dump a dangerous ammount of balls.

Unfortunately my knowledge of all of the teams at these competitions is limited. There will be a lot of great teams competing this week. The new Michigan model may prove challenging especially considering how many teams that state has. One thing is for sure that this week should have some awesome performances and be fun to watch.

Both 2970 and 2506 will be competing in the Northstar regional not the 10,000 Lakes regional.

As predicted, APRIL FOOLS!

The post is now edited above.

Thank Goodness. A great April Fools joke by someone on our team has been building since the begginin of the school year. He got everyone beleiveing he was going to Germany, he told everyone today he wasn’t and now I’m not sure.

Is there anything wrong with bacon in a tube?

I predict there will not be many G14 penalties at the Michigan State Championship.

Thank you for the love looking forward. But I hope to prove you wrong with the late draft pick, by being the number 1 allaince Captain =] Who knows, whats gonna happen, because I doubt anyone does. Isn’t that right Adam?

I guess no one really knows this but we have plans to convert our robot to a power dumper tomorrow (not a shooter) so expect us to score more moonrocks then we did in Milwaukee.

Not only is 2200 not a shooter, we are also not competing in week 6.

Edit: just read that it was a april fools joke.

I see 2826 taking home a regional win…

My post was definitely not an April fools joke, I just typed one too few 2’s and one too many 0’s

sweet 2970 qualified for champs, totally deserve it and they’re a bot and team worth checking out

YEA! 2826 is having an amazing year! Called that regional win too.

I totally called that robot doing well when they posted the pic of it… :smiley:

Woot! This takes over the reins as the best rookie robot this year IMO.

I agree on the best rookie of the year. I know several of the mentors on this team seeing we were on 93 together in high school, and 857 in college. I even stayed with them during the Wisconsin regional, 1024 picked them in the 1st round and then were shocked that they were rookies. They definitely don’t look like rookies if you see them at a competition. Look for them in Atlanta and you’ll see what im talking about.

2470 didn’t know that 2826 was a rookie until after we got picked for their alliance >.<
Go Wave Robotics for Rookie of the year :smiley:

Yep HOT had great odds but our # 8 alliance gave them a run for their money and only came up a little bit short. in the first quarter final, we where actually keeping up considering that both of our alliance mates had comm issues (later ruled a field issue and the match was replayed), in the second match, we lost by 2 moon rocks and by 3 in the last match.:cool:

GJ though, the state championships where freaking tough and there where a TON of great teams there (seen by how many great teams where never picked eg. 27 and 1)

and Woop Woop, see you in Atlanta!!!

Thanks Winnovations. Can’t wait to see you at atlanta!!!