Predictions Week 6: Mayhem in Manhattan

Five weeks are down, and only one regional event remains. This friday-sunday, New York will host sixty-four teams as they duke it out. Despite the large crowd, not a single team attending has a regional victory already in 2008. Many teams look to build on previous events that fell (sometimes well) short of a championship. Many others will be un-crating their bots for the first time since ship. A great deal of parity will exist, with very few teams separating themselves as the top tier. This event will be wide open, pretty much anyone’s game. Watch for some defensive play, especially during the eliminations (focused against the few reliable hurdlers). All of FIRST will be focused on this single event as the last tune-up before Championship. Reputations will be made and broken heading into Atlanta, and these teams have a lot to prove.
Get ready for some PREDICTIONS about NEW YORK:

375 hit some technical issues last weekend at SBPLI, but if they can return to the form that led them to a #1 seed and the finals in Pittsburgh, they should be among the very top in New York. If they want to improve upon the silver they grabbed here last year they’ll need to increase their consistency. The Robotic Plague will be a force to be reckoned with, and could be very scary in the eliminations if they can find a consistent hurdler to partner with.

694 partnered with 1279 and 2016 to form a solid offensive alliance in Jersey, and it took the brawn of 103, 25, and 381 to eliminate them in the Semi-finals. Stuypulse was another member of the finalist alliance here last year, and I guarantee you they want a taste of gold. I don’t think they’ll take the competition by storm, but they could be a key component to a strong elimination alliance.

Both of these teams were first round selections last year on Galileo, but massive disappointments during week 2 of Overdrive. Division by Zero and Epsilon Delta look to rebound from missing the eliminations in Rochester and Richmond respectively. 229 and 116 will need some serious work to be contenders in the Javits Center though. I expect overhauls from both teams in attempts to make their bots more competitive. One of them should climb back into the elimination rounds, but I find it very difficult to believe either will be crowned champion.

One from an informant:

395 - They have one of most unique way to grab the ball from the floor. They are a shooting bot. They were picked by the number 1 seed alliance at the Florida regional. They did have some trouble with their shooting mechanism but knowing their team history, I would be surprised if I don’t see them hurdle quite a few times at NY.

2-Train should be a solid bot, and if they can make their shooter work one of the upper level hurdling teams.

1155 had a decent outing in Connecticut, but wasn’t anywhere remotely near the same level as the elite teams. They made a quick exit from the quarter-finals, with their alliance only totaling 52 points in two elimination matches. They have the potential to be a strong contender in a thinner NYC regional, especially if they can be more consistent. They’ll definitely be in the eliminations, but they’ll need strong partners to get past the semis.

Another from a tipster:

348 - They attended Florida regional and they were a very good defensive, lap runner bot. They were also able to knock down balls very easily. Their mechanism broke in the middle of the competition which is why they stopped hurdling, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I see them hurdle 3 times a match at NY.

While I don’t know if they’ll consistently get 3 a match, 348 should hopefully be one of the better hurdling machines if they can work out their technical issues. If they’re hurdling well they’ll be a top 5 selection. If they aren’t I still expect them to make the eliminations, but it will be much more likely as a third member. This utility role might actually increase their chances at grabbing gold, especially if they end up with strong hurdling partners.

1626 made some rookie-like mistakes in Chesepeake, and couldn’t make the elimination rounds. With their young drive and pit crews having one regional under their belt now, I bet they’ll come a lot closer to living up to their potential this weekend. They’ll be back in the eliminations.

Another team that debuted in Florida, and the most impressive of NYC teams that travelled down to Orlando, 56 looks to capture their first gold since 2005. Ethicon & Bound Brook High School showed some potential for offensive prowess during week 3, but it’s not on par with their machine from last year (which was denied in the finals here). Unless they can really up the ante, they’ll need some aid to guarantee gold. 56 is still the favorites to win heading into the event though.

Also, don’t forget there will also be a huge 2 division FTC tournament going on at the same time. I don’t know many teams going, but team Overdrive 74 will be trying to win a fourth regional, after being the first FTC team to win 3 regionals. They may be the first FIRST team to win 4 regionals =P

I’d like to throw in the RoboWizards in there as well. 522. I haven’t seen their robot perform this year but they are usually a top contender.
I also expect 2TrainRobotics and the SciBorgs to come in strong here.
Some other teams I’m looking forward to seeing in action are 2070 and 354. Good luck guys. I’ll be visiting the pits on Saturday.

EDIT: Aww man, now I wish we were competing here…it was fun last year. :frowning:

someone in FL is involved in LF’s little club…hmm, i’ll have to look into this

We will be rooting for our 07 NJ partner, 1155!!! :wink:

Either that…or Wayne Penn, who’s

  1. Up in Boston (where rumors claim that LF is based out of New England)
  2. He was a former mentor of 395
  3. He’s the current mentor for 348.

I smell cover up.

Since there is no dominator in the FRC group, it sounds like a huge street brawl this weekend.
It is going to be good!:smiley:

I never understood your pic in the Pineapple wooden stand?
Were you really in Hawaii?