Preemptive Apology to #75

I’d like to make an apology to Team #75, who most likely didn’t even know they deserved one.

In the Daily Record for Bergen/Essex Counties, there was a nice article about the MAR Competition. I spoke with the writer for some time at the competition, explaining all the rules and about the robots.

He quoted me as saying your team likes to “show off” and you “fell down on [your] strategy”.

What he failed to convey in those quotes was the sarcasm in my voice as I made those comments.

As an engineer I am in total awe year after year at the machine the Roboraiders put together. It is a beautiful machine that always turns in a solid performance.

Sorry guys, it wasn’t a slight. It was taken out of context. I was being my sarcastic self.

On another note, in all the newspaper articles I’ve ever read about FIRST, I’ve noticed their accuracy usually leaves something to be desired, and it makes me wonder about the accuracy of all the news that gets reported.

Aren’t the roboraiders team #25?

I don’t remember which is which but one of them (25 or 75) is Raider Robotics (25 if I remember correctly) and the other is the Roboraiders (75 if I remember correctly).


Team 25 North Brunswick, NJ are the raider robotics (silver scorpion this year (name of robot))

Team 75 Skillman/Hillsborough, NJ are the Roboraiders

There ya go