Preferences for Robot Through SmartDashboard

My team is doing an offseason project and I’ve been playing around with the ability to set preferences for the robot through the SmartDashboard question. I haven’t figured out a best place to retrieve those values yet (we use the Command Based robot, just incase that helps) and I was wondering if I could have multiple preference objects, probably one in each file we need a value. Is this something that will work? If so, will that mean that each time I create a preference object I need to have a different preferences window in the SmartDashboard?

From what I understand, there is only one instance of Preferences which you can access through Preferences->GetInstance()
Why do you need multiple preference objects? You can add an arbitrary number of values to the single instance.

Sorry for the long pause in the posting here, but yes, I figured it out. I have to create an object in each subsystem to use it. So far the Preferences has been really nice to use.