Preferred gear ratios for turret and compression

hey, i am currently making a turret for the offseason and would love to know what is the gear ratio you used for the turret and the hood (and what kind of motor).

also, how much compression does the ball have inside of your shooter?, thanks in advance!

We used two Neos at a 1:1 ratio, one on each end of the shaft. Don’t recall the compression.

(Started off with a single Neo at 1:1, but the 2nd Neo let us recover from the first shot a bit faster. )

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I don’t believe that’s what they were referring to.

I’d recommend looking at Cheesy Poofs Technical Binders. They have all the information you are looking for

where can i find this? Click on any of their previous robots with a turret and go to technical binder

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3538’s turret used a falcon geared 11:60 and then belted 18:185 for a total reduction of 56:1 or a free speed of 113 RPM. We had ~ 200 degrees of motion available and rarely moved more than 90 degrees at a time. I think we were pretty happy with this speed overall.

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We are now (since just before IRI) using a 58.2:1 ratio off of a NEO. Our Hood is using i think somewhere around a 460:1 off a NEO 550 IIRC. (this is counting the hood as a gear reduction, so 38 motors revs moves the hood 30degish

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