prefixes for all first related organizations

I like the way posts in the NEMO forum get a [NEMO]: tag in the
subject, likewise for FVG. Do you think you could do that for all the
first related organizations forums?

what is nemo? (and don’t tell me it’s a fish :slight_smile: )

I think it’s related to non-tech FIRST.

Non-Engineering Mentor’s Organization.

This says it all…

FIRST NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization)

Back to topic, I agree with Joe on this point. i think it will help weed out threads that may have close to the same name between threads, and will ease searching for information on the forums.

It also really helps people who are in the organizations. They know it’s for them, and whoever is interested in the organization can go right to those posts with the prefix in front of it. It’s a good idea!

Yes, it’s just a matter of me setting it up.

I’ll put it on the list…

And, whoever is not in the organizations can just ignore any posts with those headings. I like it, because I can skip over public groups like FVG and ECDU when viewing all new posts. It used to be a lot more of a chore filtering through stuff like that, when I want to view everything.