Preliminary driving over barrier video

Take a look at our driving over the bump test. Not that I’m posting this for money, but if this helps your team, consider pledging a few bucks to our Kickstarter campaign. :slight_smile:

I’m curious, what sized wheels are those? they look like 6 inch but I’m not very good at guessing from videos.

They’re definitely the six-inch FIRST wheels. I’m more interested in the wedge. What angle did you use?

I’m curious to see how that wedge is going to work within the frame perimeter…

No trouble at all. You simply shorten the whole thing. And yes, 6-inch wheels.

Would there be any trouble with high centering on the rail? Also, is the effect of the rail hitting the chain likely to affect anything or throw the chain, or should I not worry about that?

I liked the idea of using a wedge in order to get over the bump. I am sort of indifferent about the 6 wheels though because there’s the factor of center of gravity with a heavy load, and the fear of the robot being stuck between the 2nd and 3rd set of wheels.

Our team tested going over the bump yesterday with 8in Mecanum wheels and we had no problem going over it

Shortening “the whole thing” doesn’t make sense to me. Realize that you are putting bumpers on this robot that go over top of the frame perimeter. At the start of the match, nothing can be across the frame perimeter. I assume if you wanted to put a superstructure above the wedges that would the bumpers would bolt into, it could work.

Alternatively, you buy or machine wheels with a radius greater than the height of the barrier and drop the wedge idea.